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Mike and Dave poster They Needed Hot Dates.  They Got Hot Messes.

Meet Mike and Dave.  The two brothers run a tequila business and love to have a good time.  With their little sister’s wedding around the corner, Mike and Dave’s parents sit them down to discuss their antics at family gatherings.  They point out how often Mike and Dave ruin the events by destroying things and hitting on all of the single friends.  To make sure this doesn’t happen for the upcoming wedding, their parents demand that they bring wedding dates in-order to avoid the chaos.  Nice dates; girls that will keep their behavior and destructive antics in-check  A week in Hawaii all expenses paid; so they put a listing on Craigslist only to have it go viral.  A pair of girls see their offer as a chance to escape and have a good time, so they orchestrate an interaction to use them and next thing you know, the four of them are headed to Hawaii.  However, after arriving and showing their true colors through their actions, they may share much more than they previously thought.

Adam Devine stars as the oldest brother, Mike Stangle.  Zac Efron stars as Mike’s slightly younger brother, Dave.  The two bounce-off each other tremendously, as they continually top each preceding joke.  Aubrey Plaza plays Tatiana, Alice’s best friend.  Anna Kendrick plays Alice, Tatiana’s best friend and a girl desperate to get her groove back after being left at the altar.  Sugar Lyn Beard plays Mike and Dave’s younger sister, Jeanie.  Sam Richardson plays Jeanie’s soon-to-be husband, Eric.  Stephen Root plays Mike and Dave’s father, Burt.  Stephanie Faracy plays their mother, Rosie.  Alice Wetterlund plays Mike and Dave’s lesbian cousin, Terry.  Kumail Nanjiani plays a talented masseuse named Keanu.

From the get-go, “Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates” shows that it’s not going to take itself too seriously, while poking fun at its similarities with other similar films but adding plenty of fresh material to successfully make it their own.  The major reason why “Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates” works is because they filled the film with actual funny people.  Obviously DeVine, Efron, Kendrick, and Plaza handle their own with ease, but the supporting cast are quick with the jokes as well!  One of the biggest up-and-coming comedic actors in my opinion is Kumail Nanjiani and he absolutely steals a certain sequence!  As for the humor, as long as you enjoy their comedic style you will be thoroughly entertained; but the film is littered with pop-culture references and plenty of clever jokes throughout.  The film’s opening contains a montage that is very similar to “Wedding Crashers”, but “Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates” fully-recognizes it and even adds a nice homage later on in the film.  The laughs are quick and constant, hardly giving you any time to recover before the next gut-busting scene.  While being outrageously hysterical, “Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates” doubly-excels with the film’s hidden agenda; trusting and loving yourself.  There’s a beautiful, heartfelt scene right before the film’s climax that I’m sure many if not all viewers can connect with.  The film also has a very fun and upbeat soundtrack, especially the closing number.  “Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates” has a run time of 98 minutes and flows-fluidly throughout, with plenty of jokes and hilarious hi-jinks thrown-in.  “Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates” doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but they make sure we have a damn good time at the movies with both the male and female characters!  Be sure to stay for the gag real during the credits (but beware of the Game of Thrones spoilers)!

“Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates” follows two brothers as their parents have given them an ultimatum; find dates to bring to their sister’s wedding in Hawaii or stay home.  The film features endless laughs and plenty of comedic hi-jinks.  If you are looking for laughs this weekend, go see “Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates”!!

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MIKE AND DAVE NEED WEDDING DATES is rated R for crude sexual content, language throughout, drug use and some graphic nudity, in theaters July 8th!

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