Jon Hamm – Will

Catherine Keener -Donna

John Ortiz – Daniel

Ellen Burstyn – Helen

Burstyn and Hamm star in a new drama on how people deal with loss in the new film “Nostalgia”.

Nostalgia is a film made up of several stories that intertwine and show how people deal differently with loss. The film opens with Daniel, an insurance agent, meeting with a man (Bruce Dern) who was looking for appraisals on his antique tools and equipment then follows Daniel to meet with Helen who lost everything in a fire.

Helen, a widow, who survived a fire only coming out with some jewelry and her husbands signed baseball. Her son urges her to sell the ball but doesn’t think she will because it is all she has left from his father.  Helen does decide to sell the ball and contacts a dealer in Las Vegas and agrees to fly out and show him the baseball.

Will, the owner of the collectables store, tells Helen that the ball is perfect and can get her over $100,000. Helens sells it and will is able to turn it to a buyer in minutes since Ted Williams signed balls are very rare. Will is then off to meet his sister Donna to help her go through their parents house and purge a lifetime of memories.

Will arrives with the attitude of pitching the lot in a dumpster but following an accident, transforms his attitude to feel more nostalgic about his paren’ts things while supporting his sister.

Nostalgia is a very good film and shows the different levels of how people deal with loss. Find this film at the local arthouse theater or at least stream/rent the DVD, Nostalgia should not be missed.

4/6 baseballs

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