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Isabella Huppert – Greta Hideg

Chloe Grace Moretz – Frances McCullen

Maika Monroe – Erica Penn

Nice girls finish last and sometimes trapped in a box!

Neil Jordan brings us the tale of a lonely old woman’s unique way of making friends in New York City in his new suspense film “Greta”.

Frances McCullen (Moretz) is a waitress that is struggling with the recent loss of her mother. Frances lives in Tribeca with her best friend Erica (Monroe) while punishing her father (Colm Feore) for moving on and not mourning her mother longer. Frances discovers a purse on the subway on her way home from work, she tries to turn it in to the lost & found only to find the booth empty. McCullen takes it upon herself to return it in person.

Erika warns her friend against returning it and says they should take the cash for a spa day and toss the bag in the dumpster. Frances insists on returning it even though Erika warns her against creeps in New York.

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Starring the Vocal Talents of:

Jay Baruchel – Hiccup

America Ferrera – Astrid

F. Murray Abraham – Grimmel

Hiccup and Toothless must seek out the mysterious “Hidden World” in order to save their dragons in the finale of the animated series, How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World.

Under Hiccup’s leadership, his clan of Vikings have turned their island into a dragon recue facility with the “pets” over-running Birk and forcing the young leader to turn to another island for his people to keep the dragons safe. Hiccup and girlfriend Astrid lead nightly raids against trappers freeing the dragons bringing them back to Birk.

The leaders of the hunters bring in an expert, Grimmel, a dragon killer and specializes in killing night furies like toothless. Grimmel wants Hiccup’s dragon because Toothless is the last night fury alive. Grimmel sets a trap and that evening he confronts Hiccup, Toothless and the rest of the clan. The gang manages to escape but Grimmel has plans to use a white Light Fury to draw out Toothless and lead him to the island that houses all these dragons.

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A Comedy about a Family That Fight a Little Differently

Everything Dwayne Johnson, ask “The Rock”, touches turns to gold.  That trend is all the more verified once again in this week’s “Fighting with My Family”!  Following the incredible true story of a family from Norwich, the film zeroes-in on the famous WWE wrestler known as Paige.  Saraya Knight (Florence Pugh) and the rest of the Knight family are thoroughbred wrestling enthusiasts; they have been running their own family wrestling show for years and they even have their own name, the World Association of Wrestling.  With WWE Smackdown coming to the 02 Arena in London, Saraya and her brother Zak Continue reading


ISN’T IT ROMANTIC- Karl Sides (The Flick Fanatics)

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Rebel Wilson- Natalie

Liam Hemsworth- Blake

Adam Devine- Josh

Rebel Wilson takes aim at Rom-Coms in her new comedy “Isn’t it Romantic”.

Natalie (Wilson) grew up fantasizing about a romantic love affair like the ones she watch in movies like “Pretty Woman”, only to be told by her alcoholic mother (Jennifer Saunders) that “girls like us don’t get guys like that (Richard Gere), we don’t look like her (Julia Roberts)”. So grown up Natalie is now an architect and doesn’t believe in romance and kills all rom-com stereotypes in the real world.

Natalie is one of the best architects at her firm but is invisible to all the executives and the rest of the staff treat her like a coffee girl. Natalie joins a meeting to pitch a new client (Hemsworth) only to be asked to get him coffee. Natalie does have two friends at the firm, Whitney (Betty Gilpin) her assistant that spends her entire day watching romantic comedies on her computer and Josh who is Natalie’s positive re-enforcement at the office and has a crush on her. His approach is muted when Natalie gets on her soap box explaining to Whitney how desperate she is to believe the false stereotypes that Rom-Coms sell to people.

Natalie is mugged in the subway and runs face first into a steel girder fleeing the robber knocking her out. She wakes in a hospital being examined by a gorgeous doctor and realizes she is in a Rom-Com fantasy world! Natalie is given the “Pretty Woman” outfit by the hospital to go home in and she is almost hit by a limo with Blake, the firm’s new client inside. Blake is smitten immediately by Natalie and offers to take her home. Natalie’s apartment is triple its size, she has a supermodel waredrobe and her dog is clean and actually minds her.


Natalie is in Romantic-Comedy Hell! How does she escape back to the real world?

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