The Upside- Karl Sides (The Flick Fanatics)

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Kevin Hart- Dell

Nicole Kidman- Yvonne

Bryan Cranston- Phillip

It’s all UPSIDE for Kevin Hart and Bryan Cranston in their new movie!

Director Neil Burger has assembled an A-list of actors to put an American spin on the fabulous 2011 French Comedy “The Intouchables” with Kevin Hart and Bryan Cranston in the lead roles of “The Upside”. The Upside is based on a true story of two men from different walks of life that have a life long effect on each other that manifests into an unbreakable friendship.

Dell, an armed robber and deadbeat dad out on parole needing to find a job or end up back in prison. The only issue is Dell has no idea what he wants to do, so he purposely blows his job interviews just to obtain a signature for his parole officer. Dell stumbles into a job interview for a caretaker for a rich businessman that was injured and left a quadriplegic and stuck in a wheel chair.

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On The Basis Of Sex- Karl Sides (the Flick Fanatics)

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Felicity Jones: Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Armie Hammer- Martin Ginsburg

Kathy Bates- Dorothy Kenyon

Justin Theroux- Mel Wulf

Felicity Jones brings the struggles and fights for equality by Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg in the new biopic “On the Basis of Sex”.

Director Mimi Leder (Shameless) with her first big screen project brings the story of lawyer/professor of sexual equality Ruth Bader Ginsburg to the big screen in the new biopic “On the Basis of Sex”. Felicity Jones takes on the lead role with Armie Hammer as her husband Martin.

Ruth Ginsburg is one of nine ladies invited to attend Harvard Law School with a class of 500 men that includes her husband Martin. According to Dean Griswold this is something new Harvard is trying, and then asked the girls to introduce themselves and explain why they are there “taking the place of a man?” Ginsburg took exception to this and proceeded to become the best student in her class even though she was continually passed over for opportunities to participate in class. Ginsburg was married with a baby girl and had to manage the family with her studies.

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Tony's Take

TOP 15 FILMS OF 2018!

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TOP 15 FILMS OF 2018!!

It’s that time of year again!  Time to reflect-back on the past year of film and decide on my fifteen favorite (and five honorable mention) films from 2018.  As always, the list was difficult to put together, but it’s always so much fun to look back at all of the movies I’ve seen!  So here we go, sound-off in the comments with your agreements and disagreements, and we can all look forward to 2019 and all the mayhem it has in-store! Continue reading


WELCOME TO MARWEN- Karl Sides (the Flick Fanatics)

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Steve Carell- Mark Hogankamp

Leslie Mann- Nicol

Merritt Wever- Roberta

Diane Kruger- Deja

Steve Carell invents a fantasy land to escape his nightmare in his reality in the new film “Welcome to Marwen”.

Director Robert Zemeckis (Forrest Gump, Back to the Future) brings the true story of artist Mark Hogankamp, the victim of a terrible hate crime that left him a shell of his former self but finds a new way to express his artist view and heal himself through photography in the new drama “Welcome to Marwen”.

Mark Hogankamp is an accomplished comic book artist with an attraction to women’s shoes. He collects them and wears them. After a few too many drinks at the local bar Mark announced it and it provoked a group of Arian thugs to beat him to an inch of his life and leave him for dead in the street.

Mark had to endure physical therapy to repair his body but was left barely able to write his name and never to draw again. Hogankamp created a new vehicle to express his artistic vision and help himself heal mentally through his action figures and WWII era model town of Marwen he erected in his backyard. Hogankamp brings a new “person” into Marwen for every real person who he is helped or befriended by in life and they become the women of Marwen.

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Every Hero Has a Beginning

All I could think when a new “Transformers” movie was announced for Christmas 2018 was “oh no, here we go again!”  After the massively-successful “Kubo and the Two Strings”, Paramount placed Travis Knight at the helm; and man are they happy they did!  “Bumblebee” follows our titular hero (voiced by Dylan O’Brien) after escaping from Cybertron, being sent to Earth by Optimus Prime (voiced by Peter Cullen) as the only hope of the Autobots’ chance of survival.  Once on Earth, he encounters a sergeant (John Cena) and his platoon during a Continue reading