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Triple 9

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The Code on the Street is Never Black and White

Triple 9 posterTriple 9, directed by John Hillcoat (Lawless, The Road) begins with a team of 5 well-trained individuals executing the perfect bank robbery in Atlanta, or so it seems.  After breaking-in and locating the specific safety deposit box they were after, the crew exits and, after a brief standoff on a bridge, make it back to their own cars where we learn two of them are cops.  Evidently, a branch of the Russian Mob is calling the shots and they want the team to pull-off one more job before leaving them alone.  In-order to be successful, they will need to pull a 9-9-9 Continue reading


RACE- Karl “the Flick Fanatic” Sides

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RACE” tells the heroic journey of a boy in Ohio who endures racism, hate and injustice on his way to Berlin and Olympic stardom.

Stephan James is Jesse Owens, a boy, boyfriend and father, who grew up in Cleveland and went on to college at Ohio State University. Owens about to catch a bus to Columbus to run track, but must say goodbye his 4 yr. old daughter Gloria and his high school sweetheart Ruth (Shanice Banton) promising to return to marry her.

Larry Snyder (Jason Sudeikis), former track star and coach of the OSU track and field team, fighting to save his job and puts the flames of losing out with a bottle of whiskey. Jesse Owens walks into his office and Snyder agrees to make the fastest boy in America better and part of the Olympic team competing in Berlin. Snyder asked Owens, “Why did you pick Ohio State, not the most forward thinking campus in the country (racism)”. Owens replied,” Because you were here”.

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Marvel ‘ s Newest TV stars from “Jessica Jones” Confirmed for Wizard World!

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David Tennant (Killgrave), Mike Colter (Luke Cage) and the star Krysten Ritter (Jessica Jones) are all confirmed to appear at the Wizard World conventions in St. Louis, Mo. And Madison, Wisconsin! Netflix ‘ s newest hit about a private eye with enhanced abilities that spends her nights on the streets and her days in bed or in a bottle. If you were planning on visiting this is  a panel NOT TO MISS!

Wizard World St. Louis is only 42 days away!!!!



DEADPOOL Slices and dices February Box Office.

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Deadpool takes Valentine’s weekend by storm!

The 3 day estimate for the new “antihero” action flick is 135 million! This destroyed “50 Shades of Grey”,the previous record holder for biggest February opening with 58 million.(Deadpool almost tripled it!)  With a production budget of just 60 million  we should be guaranteed more of the mercenary with a mouth in the future! I am looking forward to Deadpool 2, 3 and 4!

King Future Panda 3 came in with a respectable 3rd week total of $19.8 million, good for #2. Rebel Wilson’ guide to single girls hooking up in NYC, “How to be Single” came in third with a box office total of $18.7 million.

Zoolander was the stinker of the Valentine’s weekend I is hang fourth with a merger $15.6 million (no surprise to me),  hopefully this is the last “Blue Steel” look we get from Derek Zoolander!




How To Be Single- Karl “The Flick Fanatic” Sides

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howsingle poster

Dakota Johnson and Rebel Wilson teach you how to avoid falling into a relationship in the  big city in the new film “How to be Single”.

If “Sex and the City” is the guide to women dating in the big city, then “How To Be Single” is the guide to women getting free drinks, having sex and avoiding the entanglement of a relationship. Dakota Johnson, Rebel Wilson and Leslie Mann give us three different views on dating in this romantic comedy.

Alice (Dakota Johnson) is ready to graduate college and comes up with the idea to take  break from her boyfriend to make sure they are right for each other. Alice is now single and working as an intern at a law firm in NYC. Her first day on the job she meets Robin (Rebel Wilson), who is going to take Alice around and show her how to be a single girl in New York.

Robin has all these “theories” about dating including how many drinks to have before you hook up and how many days to wait to call a guy back. Also if she sees use emoji’s in a text she will tit punch you! Robin takes Alice to her favorite bar so Alice can get busy with bartender Tom (Anders Holm). Tom believes in staying single, so much so he even has his apartment set up without anything for breakfast and no water so girls will leave after sex.

Alice is staying with her sister Meg (Leslie Mann), a gynecologist that doesn’t want kids or a husband until she holds a patient’s baby for 20 minutes. Meg then decides to get pregnant from a sperm donor. Meg comes in to find Alice passed out on the couch, then meets Robin who appears from behind the couch. Meg leaves for the hospital just before the guy appears in the kitchen that Robin had sex with the night before.

After hooking up with Tom numerous times and failed dating experiences with a David (Damon Wayans Jr.) a single father getting over the death of his wife, Alice decides it is time to go back to her college boyfriend Josh (Nicholas Braun). Problem is Josh has moved on and is living with his new girlfriend.

So Alice is now single in the city wanting a relationship. How To Be Single was better than I thought it would be, but still not worth paying full price to see it at the theaters. It is one of the better roles by Rebel Wilson and my favorite scenes are with Meg and Ken (Jake Lacy), a male receptionist at the law firm where Alice and Robin work. Leslie Mann is hilarious trying to find a way to tell a younger man that loves her, she is already pregnant with a baby from a sperm bank!

How to be Single also features some good supporting performances by Alison Brie (Community) and Jason Mantzoukas (The League). If you are a fan of Rebel Wilson or just need a rom com to see, catch this one at the bargain matinee. I would really wait for DVD.

Rating: 2/6

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