Aquaman Highlights Wizard World St. Louis 2019!

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Temperatures are in the 70’s, flowers are blooming and superheroes are walking around downtown St. Louis……IT’S WIZARD WORLD 2019!

The annual pop culture convention that is Wizard World rolled into Saint Louis this weekend and the people of the city came out by the thousands. Wizard world features special guests from television and movies in addition to artists, video games and anything you are searching for in pop culture.

Comic-con visitors were greeted by Wizard Worlds Master of Ceremonies, Kato Kaelin who fired up the crowd before releasing them onto the show floor. A quick scan around the floor had vendors Wild Bill’s Ol’ Fashion Soda Company with delicious flavors of soda offering a bottomless cup you can purchase. Thrones fans can get a sword and padawans’ can pick up a light saber for Jedi training. There are t-shirts, POP figures, comic books, artists that will draw you as a caricature or you can have Phil Ortiz “Simpsonize” you! Some of the more unique items I saw were a vendor that made custom frames perfect for that photo op you purchased with Aquaman, another vendor that had sheet music from TV and movies that had the stars images printed on the music and Twisted Wires makes statues of superheroes out of colored electrical wire….Super Cool!

Smack dab in the middle of your buying frenzy is the autograph area that features the original Hulk, Lou Ferrigno, Holly Marie Combs and her co-stars Brian Krauss & Drew Fuller from the TV series “Charmed”, American Pie party goers Thomas Ian Nicholas & the “Sherminator” Chris Owens and SNL comedian Chris Kataan. Fans immediately began to line up for an autograph and selfies with movie stars Ernie Hudson (Ghostbusters, the Crow) and original Goonie Sean Astin (Lord of the Rings trilogy, Rudy) with the crowd screaming “Goonies never die!”

Wizard World programming was so diverse that you could get help on sculpting, learn animation, get caught up with the latest fan theories on Dr. Who with the members of St. Louis CIA (Celestial Intervention agency) and listen to your favorite stars tell stories from their careers. I made the Charmed panel with Holly Marie Combs playing “den mother” to Brian Krauss and Drew Fuller as they bantered back and forth with their fans. Sean Astin was fired up on his 3rd trip to St. Louis in 4 years and he still hasn’t been up in the Arch! Astin answered question about his long and epic career from questing a ring of power to making a single play for Notre Dame and playing the “good guy parent” in Stranger Things season 2 and a similar role in his new Netflix series “No Good Nick”.

Chris Owen

Sean Astin

Ernie Hudson

Sunday is family day and kids get their cos-play on and are able to play the latest video games in the Wizard World gaming area, meet and have a picture with Detective Pikachu, train a dragon or win a prize in the kids costume contest! Sunday was also “Aquaman Day” with Jason Momoa making his first trip to Saint Louis! Jason was delayed until Sunday due to a filming conflict but Momoa greeted the thousand in attendance and put in a full day of autographs and photo ops for all his fans. People showed a wide range of emotions after meeting the star of Game of Thrones, Justice League and Frontier from jubilation to tears of joy and a few ladies actually collapsed outside the booth!


Every star was happy to be in St. Louis and enjoyed meeting their fans. I was fortunate to be able to talk to Sean Astin, Ernie Hudson and Chris Owens (Hear the interviews below) and talked to Jason Momoa in his booth as he autographed my 6’ Aquaman poster. Jason told me “I have never seen this! WoW!” I asked him about Frontier and his character Declan Sharpe. He said Frontier is over but he was happy how the series wrapped up and asked me if I liked the way it ended? I said I loved it but I also love the show and will miss his character. Momoa told me Declan was destined to end up alone and he was pleased with the end of the series. Jason Momoa continued to sign autographs well after the show floor closed down and Wizard World 2019 was a “Wrap!”


Every fan I spoke with loved the comic con and is waiting to see who will be in St. Louis for Wizard World 2020! With Game of Thrones ending and Marvel moving on to the next phase of films has a large amount of sci-fi and action film stars available to join Wizard World for the 2020 comic-con in St. Louis!

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The Gripping True Story of the Attack on the Taj Hotel

In November 2008, India was hit with a multi-point, coordinated attack on Mumbai by a terrorist cell; targeting 13 locations, including train stations, restaurants, and the Taj Motel.  “Hotel Mumbai” recreates those fateful days as it shows us how the events transpired.  As the film opens, we see the terrorists arriving in Mumbai and following strict instructions as they carry-out their plan.  Arjun (Dev Patel), a young waiter supporting a family, arrives late to the Taj for his shift.  As he does, we witness the first attack as terrorists open fire on civilians in a crowded train station.  While news begins to travel slowly, more and more Continue reading


DUMBO (2019)- Karl Sides (The Flick Fanatics)

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DUMBO (2019)


Colin Ferrell: Holt Ferrier

Michael Keaton: V.A. Vandevere

Danny DeVito- Max Medici

Tim Burton brings the Disney animated classic “DUMBO” to life on the big screen.

Holt Ferrier (Ferrell), a circus star specializing in trick riding, returned home from the war leaving his left arm back in Europe. Holt finds his kids Milly and Joe (Nico Parker, Finley Hobbins) at the train station where Max Medici was getting the circus ready to roll out. Holt was told how his wife had gotten sick and eventually passed away. Max and the performers hit hard times with acts leaving, so he sold Holt’s horses and brokered a deal for a pregnant female elephant.

Holt and the Kids were put in charge of the Elephant and cleaning up after it. While Max and the show made their way through the Midwest, Mrs. Jumbo the elephant gave birth to a baby elephant with giant ears. Milly and Joe instantly began to work with the baby elephant attempting to train it. Holt was told by Max to hide the ears and get it in the show with the clowns. Joe fed a peanut to the baby elephant and Milly introduced har trained mice to him. The elephant inhaled a feather by accident and sneezed. The power of the sneeze cause the elephant to get airborne and flew for a few seconds flapping his giant ears.

In Joplin Missouri, the baby elephant made his debut with the clowns and it was a mess with the little guy trashing the set and ending up getting the name Dumbo. Max returned Dumbo’s mother but kept the baby. Milly and Joe continued to work on Dumbo’s flying and finally showed their father and Max.

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GLORIA BELL- Karl Sides (The Flick Fanatics)

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Julianne Moore- Gloria Bell

John Turturro- Arnold

Michael Cera- Peter

Julianne Moore shows the pitfalls for divorced women over 50 looking for love in the new drama “Gloria Bell”.

Julianne Moore is Gloria Bell, an insurance broker and divorced mother of two, that spends her time searching local dance clubs looking for a man and trying to find out how the neighbors cat keeps ending up in her apartment. Gloria is not the only one with her life messed up, her son Peter (Cera) is basically raising his daughter by himself with his wife absent for weeks “trying to find herself” just making the occasional call to check on the baby. Gloria’s daughter Anne (Caren Pistorius) runs a yoga studio and is dating a surfer from Sweden. Dustin, Gloria’s ex-husband, is remarried (Rita Wilson) b ut maintains a friendship with Gloria and tried to keep up with his kids.

Gloria is trying to find a relationship in this modern age with techniques she used back in the 80’s. Gloria combs the nightclubs running into old fiends and sometime makes new ones. Gloria was at the bar nursing a drink when she is approached by Arnold (Turturro), a recently divorced father of two girls. Arnold explains he doesn’t know how to date and asked Gloria how she does it. Following a few dances the two go back to Gloria’s apartment where they have sex.

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