Office Christmas Party Review- Karl Sides (the Flick

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It’s the Holiday season…so why not party with T.J. Miller?

Clay Vanstone (T.J.Miller) runs a the Chicago division of his family’s data server company left to him by his father. Carol Vanstone (Jennifer Aniston), his sister and CEO of the company, still jealous that her father liked Clay better swoops in and tells him to fire half his staff or she will shut the division down. Merry Christmas? Josh Parker (Jason Bateman), is the tech supervisor at the company and together with Tracy Hughes (Olivia Munn) they develop an app that would allow anyone to connect to the internet anywhere at anytime. This technology would bring the division out of the red and save the company.

Josh has a meeting with a perspective client Walter Davis (Courtney B. Vance) to help Clay fend off his sister and the mass firing she ordered. Davis liked there pitch but told them they weren’t the company he was looking for. Clay invites him to see the office and join in on all the frivolity of the company Christmas party. This is the same party that his scrooge of a sister had him cancel earlier in the day. Davis agrees. Clay, josh, Tracy and Josh’s secretary Allison (Vanessa Bayer) have to transform the office into a killer holiday party in a few hours.

The party gets out of hand quickly with employees (Rob Corddry, Karan Soni, Andrew Leeds, Oliver Cooper) drinking too much and the drugs are flowing. There is all levels of debauchery at this Christmas party. Nate (Soni) hires Savannah, a prostitute (Abby Lee), to be his girlfriend so that the other guys quit teasing him about being a geek. Savannah leaves some cocaine next to the snow machine and when it is put in it hits Walter Davis right in the face. This transforms Mr. Davis into a party animal that is swinging from the Christmas lights. Walter comes crashing to the ground hitting his head on a filing cabinet. After the cocaine is in the air, employees begin trowing vending machines out the windows and light things on fire. Savanahs gun toting pimp (Jillian Bell) takes Clay for a ride think he will take her to his safe and she can rob him. Josh and Tracy are confronted with a furious Carol when she arrives at the party she wanted cancelled. Josh explains they need to find Clay and they have landed Davis and his company, only to be told that Davis was laid off earlier that day and could sign with Clay.

Office Christmas party is funny, it would be hard not to be with the likes of T.J. Miller, Kate McKinnon, Jillian Bell, Rob Corddry and Olivia Munn in the cast. But Office Christmas party isn’t as funny as I was expecting. The story comes from Jonah Hill so I expected all the language, drugs and sex….but I just wanted more from the party and less of the family sqabbles and supporting stories.

Fans of films like “This is the End, Deadpool and Horrible Bosses” will like “Office Christmas Party”.

T.J. Miller is throwing a Christmas Party….I’m there! I recommend you catch this party, but do it early and save a few bucks!

Rated R (Sex, Nudity, Drugs, Language and violence)


Running Time: 105 mins

Rating: 4/6



Allied- Karl Sides (the Flick

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Pitt and Cotillard are spies in WWII taking on Nazis in the new thriller “Allied”.

Max Vatan (Pitt) is an army intelligence officer in 1942 that is sent to Nazi occupied North Africa to meet with a French resistance fighter and assassinate a Nazi general. Max is tod by his local contact to look for the woman in a purple dress that will be his wife.
Vatan walks in to the club and sees Marianne Beausejour (Cotillard) and walks up and she kisses him! Marianne greets this stranger as her husband on vacation from his job in Paris, there to spend 5 weeks with his wife. Vatan and Beausejour have a drink, dance and make their exit as Max explains it has been awhile since he has been with his wife.

When Max and Marianne arrive at her apartment and she explains how things work in Casablanca. Married couples make love in the apartment and then the man goes up and sleeps on the roof where its cooler. Marianne joins him up on the roof for a goodnight kiss to show anyone watching that they are indeed a married couple in love. This way they don’t blow their cover and endanger their mission.
Marianne and Max succeed with their mission and kill the Nazi general and a few soldiers as well and get away. Max asks Marianne to come back to London with him and they get married for real. Beausejour agrees but has to stay behind for a few weeks until she is cleared to come to England. Max married Marianne and they have a child together. Everything is going well and Vatan goes in to meet with his supervisor about a promotion only to be thrown into an interrogation!

Vatan is told by a section leader that his wife is believed to be a Nazi spy!

Max is aggravated by the accusation after Marianne cleared all the government background checks. He also pointed out she help him kill high ranking Nazi leaders, only to have the army tell him Hitler wanted them dead. Vatan is ordered to plant some false intelligence and see if it shows up in Nazi radio broadcasts over the weekend. Max is ordered to kill Marianne if she is found to be a Nazi spy!
Allied is a good suspense tale of wartime espionage. Cotillard is sold as always in her role of the supposed spy. Pitt was good but his appearance is n issue, as he looks like his face was either botoxed or computer age corrected….either way he looks bad. Allied story is solid but the pace is as slow as the war!

I am Karl the flick fanatic, your mission is to go to an early matinee and enjoy “Allied”.

Rated R (Language, Violence. Sexual Situation)

Running Time: 124 mins

Rating: 3/6




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