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The Shape of Water Review

Starring: Sally Hawkins- Elisa Esposito

Michael Shannon- Richard Strickland

Richard Jenkins-Giles

Octavia Spencer- Zelda Fuller

Doug Jones- Amphibian creature

You can find love anywhere…even in a fish tank!

Guillermo Del Toro has a way to tell a story on the big screen and his films (The Orphanage, Hell Boy, Pans Labyrinth) are always entertaining, so I was anxiously awaiting his new film,” The Shape of Water”.

Elsa Esposito is a lonely mute woman whose only friends are her homosexual neighbor and co-worker Zelda. Elisa and Zelda are a cleaning crew at a military research facility in the 60s during the height of the Cold War. The Army wheels in a super secret project that turns out to be an amphibian man and the man in charge is Richard Strickland, a ruthless jerk. Strickland just wants to study the effects of pain on the creature as he constantly sticks it with a cattle prod. Dr. Hofstetler (Michael Stuhlbarg) wants to learn about the creature and is secretly a Russian spy going to give his data to the KGB/

Elisa decides to have lunch next to the tank on day and sets an egg out for the creature and he liked it and her, they instantly had a bond. The Army decides they are going to cut up the creature to see how it ticks after Strickland loses a few fingers to the beast’s razor-sharp claws. Elisa overhears the plans and goes to her neighbor Giles to help save the creature. Dr. Hofstetler sees them breaking the creature out and helps them and gives them chemicals to add to the water to help keep the creature alive. The amphibian man needs salt water to survive. Hofstetler tells Elisa that she will need to release him as soon as possible.

Strickland finds his creature has been stolen and starts a man hunt for his fish and the cleaning lady that took him.

The Shape of Water is a MUST SEE this year and one of my favorite films of 2017. Michael Shannon is the perfect bad guy and Sally Hawkins is great as the lead. Doug Jones is the creature that resembles the merman in the Hell Boy series Del Toro already did. The Shape of Water is a new spin on falling in love with a fish, you can call it a fantastical update to the comedy classic Splash.


6/6 Hard Boiled Eggs


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