Patti Cake$ by Karl Sides (www.theflickfanatic.com)

Danielle Macdonald will rhyme her way into your heart in the new film “Patti Cake$”

New comer actress Danielle Macdonald stars as Patti Dombrowski, a bartender and part time caterer with hopes of being the new hit rapper in the film “Patti Cake$” Patti, aka Killa P aka Patti Cake$, with her band made up of her best friend and pharmacist Jheri (Siddharth Dhnanjay), homeless Satanist Basterd (Mamoudou  Athie) and her grandma Nana (Cathy Moriarty) have dreams of making it big and getting out of New Jersey.

Patti is not the prototypical rapper, a white heavyset girl that reminds us of a female Eminem that the town ridicules calling her “Dumbo”. Patti is also taking care of her drunken mother who lives for her 80’s glory days singing on karaoke night at the bar where Patti works. Patti’s best friend and fellow rapper in their group PBNJ (Patti, Basterd, Nana, Jheri) Jheri believes in her and lines up a recording studio in the basement of a pet shop, but it all goes south when Patti freaks out after smoking some pot.

Jheri and Patti discover a guitarist and mix master, Basterd and have him record their demo. PBNJ is a catchy tune that will have you tapping your toes. The group records addition songs from Patti’s rhymes and they make a demo CD. Patti lucks out and has a catering job at her idols O Z’s ( Sahr Ngaujah) mansion. While serving him a drink she raps for him and lays the CD on the table only to have this rap legend tell her to keep making drinks and stop rhyming…you aren’t the right type.

Patti is devastated and hangs up the rap gig. Then a phone call comes in from a local DJ that wants PBNJ to compete in a rap newcomer competition. Patti gets a new look and gather the band together to blow New Jersey away!

Patti Cake$ is a fun and entertaining film that is one of those diamonds in the rough. It began with a dream sequence that started me down the path of this being a bad film, but quickly did a 180. Danielle Macdonald an acting newcomer that had to learn the New jersey accent and how to rap for this film….and she is superb! The soundtrack is a great co-star with songs like PBNJ, Thick n Thin and Tough Love.


Need a god date night flick or just want 90 mins of fun on a Friday night, go see “Patti Cake$” and you will be entertained!

Rating 4.5/6

Rated R Language, Drugs and nude image

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