POKEMON DETECTIVE PIKACHU- Karl Sides (The Flick Fanatics)



Ryan Reynolds- Detective Pikachu

Justice Smith- Tim Goodman

Bill Nighy- Howard Clifford

Who would’ve thought that Ryan Reynolds’s “soft spots” were a furry yellow video game character? Find out in the new animated comedy flick “Pokemon Detective Pikachu”.

Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool) brings video game character Pikachu to the big screen in the animated comedy “who dunnit” Pokemon Detective Pikachu”. Ryan Provides the voice, attitude and wit for the furry yellow star opposite Justice Smith who plays Tim Goodman, a boy who grew up loving Pokemon, only to let them go following his mother passing away.  Tim chose to live with his grandmother instead of his father the police detective in Ryme City.

Tim is called back to Ryme city after learning his father passed away in a suspicious car accident. His Pokemon partner manage to survive but Tim’s father’s body was never found. Tim visited his father’s boss Lieutenant Hide Yoshida (Ken Wantenabe) to get the story and then went to his dad’s apartment to gather his things only to find Pikachu (Voice of Ryan Reynolds) hiding in the apartment. Tim and Pikachu are both stunned when they learn Tim understands Pikachu and can hear him. Pikachu tells Tim his father faked his death (he thinks) and they have to find him and who did it!

Howard Clifford (Bill Nighy) founded Ryme City, a place where Pokemon and man live together in unity. Together with his son Roger (Chris Geere) they are readying the city for the big Pokemon parade.

Tim runs into an intern Lucy Stevens (Kathryn Newton), an intern with dreams of being a TV journalist, that has launched her own investigation and teams up with Tim and Pikachu. The first clue is a bottle of purple gas that is called “R” that enrages the Pokemon and is used in the underground battles in Ryme City that are gambled on. Pikachu finds himself in a cage against a dragon on R, not good and all he can do is “pika pika”

Tim and Lucy’s investigation takes them through the Pokemon universe and its characters including a mime that crashes on an imaginary scooter trying to run away for our investigators, a laugh out loud moment. All the clues lead back to Ryme city, the Parade and Roger Clifford and a mysterious pokemon character call Mews!

I will admit I don’t know “pika” about Pokemon! But I love Ryan Reynolds and his wit and humor so I had to see this film. Pokemon fans will love the movie and the animation and crude humor will appeal to the adults in the family.

Flickanalysis Grade: 3/5 stars “take the kids out this weekend to solve a Pokemon puzzle on the big screen in Pokemon Detective Pikachu!

Rated PG13- Language, suggestive humor