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DISCLAIMER: THIS IS NOT FOR CHILDREN!  The geniuses behind such laugh-riots as “This Is the End”, “Superbad”, and “Pineapple Express” are back with another tale you won’t soon forget!  “Sausage Party” follows a group of foods inside of a local supermarket, as they are getting-ready for their hopeful ascension to the “Gods”.  Frank, a hot dog sausage, and his lady Brenda, a hot dog bun, are all-set to enter the Great Beyond together.  Until tragedy strikes and they become separated from their packages.  After hearing a disheartening revelation, Frank becomes hell-bent on finding out its truth; which sends him on quest through Shopwell’s that takes him through: Mexican food, non-perishables, alcohol, and plenty more.  Meanwhile, he is constantly in-fear for his friends, who have been chosen; but he realizes they may be in grave danger once they learn the truth about the fate of food.

Seth Rogen stars as an inquisitive hot dog sausage, Frank.  Kristen Wiig voices Frank’s girlfriend Brenda, who is a hot dog bun.  Jonah Hill voices Carl, another one of the sausages in Frank’s package.  Bill Hader voices Firewater (a non-perishable food item), a horny bottle of tequila, and a jar of guacamole.  Michael Cera voices Barry, another one of the sausages in Frank’s package.  James Franco voices a druggie.  Danny McBride voices a returned jar of honey mustard who knows the truth about the Great Beyond.  Craig Robinson plays Mr. Grits, a box of grits.  Paul Rudd voices an employee at Shopwell’s, Darren.  Nick Kroll voices the secondary antagonist of the film, a douche named Douche.  David Krumholtz voices a Middle Eastern lavash named Vash.  Edward Norton plays a Jewish bagel named Sammy Bagel Jr.  Salma Hayek voices a curious taco named Teresa.  Anders Holm voices another sausage, Troy.  Directors Greg Tiernan and Conrad Vernon voice a slew of characters as well.  Scott Underwood voices a gay Twinkie, an angry piece of pizza, and a wheel-chair bound piece of gum.  Sugar Lyn Beard voices a few baby carrots and cookies and Iris Apatow voices a few young characters as well.

Today’s World is full of easily-offended and politically-correct people; and it’s nice to see “Sausage Party” put up a giant middle finger to it!  This hysterical and clever dark comedy is not only full of endless laughs, but it is also has a ton of smart references, witty and shocking dialog, and even causes some deep thought.  At the surface, “Sausage Party” is a non-stop thrill ride of comedy and raucous, but it goes much deeper than that.  The film serves as a strong allegory to the existence of God; through such matters as belief and faith without knowing and trusting yourself to a higher power.  Don’t be alarmed though, “Sausage Party” is full of plenty racial, cultural, and religious-themed jokes and situations, for example: a 77 virgin olive oils joke and a sauerkraut that wants to eliminate the juices.  Another thing I loved about the film was its voice-cast.  Each of them disappear into their characters at some point, causing you to forget they are actors.  “Sausage Party” has plenty of jokes as I said earlier, which focus mainly on sexual innuendos, but there are just as many subtle-references as well, from a gay Twinkie to “illegal” Mexican food; so many that everyone is going to be offended at least once.


Sure, some of the jokes begin to wear-thin, but there is much more than just the crude and raunchy jokes.  That’s the beauty of “Sausage Party”, it’s a great story with depth, a ridiculous amount of humor (mostly vulgar), and witty dialog; including a great Pixar-esque spoof with a hilarious sing-a-long song!  Even after all of the mayhem and expletive-filled events, the film’s final five minutes are a beautiful orchestration of debauchery and imagination; it’s honestly unlike anything I’ve ever seen before!  With a running time of 89 minutes, the film flows throughout; hardly going a minute without a gut-busting laugh.  “Sausage Party” isn’t the first of its kind (see: Eight Crazy Nights, Team America: World Police, etc.), but it certainly is a great reminder that animation is definitely not just for children!  It goes without saying that Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s humor is an acquired-taste, but if you do, then you’re going to love “Sausage Party”!  The film’s most unlikely caused-emotion; I actually cared for some of the food when they met their demise.  We all should hope to see “Sausage Party” nominated for Best Animated Feature Film this year too!

“Sausage Party” gives us a new look on the food that we eat and what they believes happens to them when they leave the store.  The film has endless laughs, plenty of sexual and cultural jokes, clever references, and a well-voiced cast.  If you’re ready to laugh this weekend, you better go see “Sausage Party”!! 

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SAUSAGE PARTY is rated R for strong crude sexual content, pervasive language, and drug use, in theaters AUGUST 12TH! 


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