Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark- Karl Sides (The Flick Fanatics)



Zoe Margaret Colletti- Stella Nicholls

Michael Garza- Ramon Morales

Austin Zajur- Chuck Steinberg

Terror appears on the page and then on the screen in the new thriller “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark”

The world is changing. There is war in Vietnam. In the small town of Mill Valley there is change brewing as well. A group of friends, Stella (Colletti), Auggie (Gabriel Rush) and Chuck (Zajur) are the nerds of the school and chose Halloween to get back at the class bully Tommy (Austin Abrams). On previous Halloweens Tommy tortured Chuck and stole his candy, but this year Chuck will have revenge. Chuck has prepared a bag of poop, has eggs and trash in his goody bag.

Like clockwork Tommy and his goons plus Chuck’s sister Ruth (Natalie Ganzhorn) drive down the street and target Chuck and his geek friends. As they roll up, they grab Chucks candy bag and find smelly trash and as they roll by Check lights the bag of poop and throws it in Tommy’s lap. The feces get all over Tommy and Ruth as his car crashes into a fence it is pelted with eggs. Tommy and his gang chase Stella, Ollie and Chuck through town and into the drive-in theater showing Night of the Living Dead.


Ramon (Garza), a stranger passing through town, gets caught right in the middle when Stella hides in his car and is followed by Auggie and Chuck. Stella tells Ramon about the local haunted house, the Bellows mansion where Sarah Bellows was imprisoned and tortured by her family.

While in captivity Sarah wrote scary stories in a book to pass the time and they said she died in that room and still haunts the mansion. Stella finds Sarah’s book and all of them are locked in the room by Tommy like the Bellows girl. Mysteriously the door is unlocked and the kids are freed. Stella notices that Sarah’s book has began writing a story on its own in blood!

The story is about a scarecrow that kills by stuffing the victim with straw and he is after Tommy! The next story is about Auggie eating a woman’s toe and she is hunting the person that took it. Stella puts the numbers together and deciphers that they all will die if they can’t stop the book from writing the stories.


Director Andre Overdal and Producer/writer Guillermo Del Toro bring an acclaimed kid’s novel to the big screen with virtually unknown actors and serves up a chilling tale that will have the youngsters on the edge of their seats. There are a couple of familiar faces Dean Norris & Gil Bellows in supporting roles. Scary Stories is a good thriller that comes in like a PG version of “IT” and perfect for younger audiences that read the novel. I found that the Scary Stories was good but dragged a bit in the middle before the flurry of action in the end.

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark seems like the beginning of a few scary tales to come….

Flickanalysis Grade 3/5