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SING review

sing-posterAuditions Begin December 21st!

From Illumination Entertainment (the creators of “Despicable Me” and “Minions”) comes a brand new adventure!  “Sing” puts-us in a town made-up entirely of animals.  The Moon Theater, a once elegant and lavish locale, is struggling mightily.  Its owner, Buster Moon, can barely afford to keep the place going.  Until one day, he comes-across an idea so great that he can barely believe it; he’s going to host a singing competition.  With the help of his helpless assistant, he posts flyers all around town.  What happens next he could hardly believe; hundreds of acts show-up for auditions!  After he narrows down the final acts, the preparations begin.  As the Big Show nears, tragedy strikes, causing the show to be cancelled and Buster Moon to go into-hiding.  With the help of his faithful friends, can Buster Moon save the day and accomplish his dream?  You’ll have to see the film to find out!

Matthew McConaughey voices the cute and cuddly koala theater owner Buster Moon.  Reese Witherspoon voices a mother pig who has been run-ragged taking care of her family, Rosita.  Seth MacFarlane steals the show as a cocky and arrogant mouse named Mike.  Scarlett Johansson plays a teenage porcupine named Ash.  John C. Reilly plays Buster’s sheep friend and the grandson of a famous performer, Eddie.  Tori Kelly plays a young, bashful elephant named Meena.  Taron Egerton voices a young cockney-accented gorilla looking for a way out named Johnny.  Nick Kroll plays a fellow pig act and Rosita’s dance partner named Gunter.  Nick Offerman voices Rosita’s husband, Norman.  Garth Jennings voices Buster’s old iguana assistant, Miss Crawly.  Peter Serafinowicz voices Johnny’s gorilla father, Marcus.  Jennifer Saunders voices Miss Nana Noodleman, the sheep performer who once ruled the Moon Theater.  Saturday Night Live alums Beck Bennett, Leslie Jones, and Jay Pharoah have voice roles as well.

“Sing” begins with a very cute and entertaining idea, but as song-after-song plays, the characters begin to lose their sparkle and the story becomes all too predictable and uneventful.  “Sing” does have a number of fun characters, which unfortunately causes some of the story lines to take too long to setup and unfold.  As for the characters, the voice actors truly bring them to life and each of them has their own moment to shine!  MacFarlane steals the show with his Frank Sinatra performance, Egerton is surprisingly soulful with his Charlie Puth-esque voice, Kroll offers plenty of comedic moments with his European-accented pig, and Kelly too showcases her beautiful voice.  The film also has plenty of great songs, spanning many different eras and genres; some of them were actually created for the film as well.  When I look at “Sing”, I see a film that took a simple idea and expanded it with many different characters, pop music, and as many silly ideas as possible.  While kids will find joy in the film, those older will quickly get-past its quirky fun and realize that the film is single-layered, which is ultimately a letdown for the viewer.  “Sing” is certainly fun, but I was hoping for more and left the theater disappointed.  “Sing” has a run time of 110 minutes, which is too long for a movie like this, as kids may find themselves losing focus throughout the film.  In a year that offered such strong animated films like “Moana”, “Kubo and the Two Strings”, and “Zootopia”, “Sing” unfortunately is a miss.

“Sing” follows a theater owner in an animal “World” as he attempts to save his beloved property by hosting a singing competition.  The film features many strong characters, a fun story, and a lot of catchy music.  If you are bringing the family to the movies, there are better options available! 

clapbrd-004a-2576047clapbrd-004a-2576047clapbrd-004a-2576047 3/5

SING is rated PG for some rude humor and mild peril, in theaters DECEMBER 21ST!


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