SKYSCRAPER- Karl Sides (the FlickFanatics)



Dwayne Johnson- Will Sawyer

Neve Campbell- Sarah Sawyer

Chin Han- Zhao Long Ji

Roland Moller- Kores Botha

Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson takes on a gigantic tower of flames to save his family in the new action film “SKYSCRAPER”.

Comedic director Rawson Marshall Thurber (Easy A, We’re the Millers) puts Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson in a flaming tower to the sky to reinvent the classic “Die Hard” with his new film “SKYSCRAPER”. The film also stars Neve Campbell as his wife Sarah with Mckenna Roberts (Georgia) and Noah Cottrell (Henry) as his kids.

Will Sawyer (Johnson), FBI special agent turned security specialist following a domestic disturbance case went bad and the father set of a bomb that left Will clinging to life. Sawyer was rushed to the hospital where he met his wife Sarah, she was the surgeon that operated on him and saved his life. Unfortunately, she couldn’t save his leg and he now wears a prosthetic limb. Will is still haunted by the explosion and refuses to carry a gun, so he became a security specialist working with companies and their insurance agencies to verify a building is safe.

Will and his family are in Tokyo where he is doing a security sweep on the worlds tallest skyscraper and its owner Zhao Long Ji. Sawyer was referred by his old friend Ben (who was in the FBI and burned in the explosion) to the project. Sawyer gives the building his blessing so Long Ji can finish the residential floors and open the building. Long Ji gives Sawyer a tablet that has facial recognition, so he can solely control the security systems in the building. Sawyer and Ben leave to visit the offsite security office 2 miles for the tower when a guy steals his bag thinking he would have had the tablet in it. Sawyer shows Ben he still has the tablet and Ben shows him a gun explaining that he set Will up and he was part of a group of mercenaries that were going to take down Long Ji and his building. Sawyer beats up Ben and eventually killing him only to be captured by Xia (Hannah Quinlivan), a wicked Kung-Fu gal that steals that tablet and scans it to Sawyers face.

A group of maintenance men run into Sawyers family in the hall of the tower as they make their way down to the residential levels. These men spread a water activated incendiary powder all over the floor. The leader, Kores Botha, lights a flare setting off the sprinklers and igniting the entire floor in flames. Xia and her crew kill everyone in the security office and use the tablet to shut off the fire prevention systems now 4 floors in the middle of the tower are fully engaged and Sawyer’s family is trapped.

Now comes the Rock!

Sawyer makes his way back to the tower and up a giant crane to get close enough to make a dramatic leap to the building to get back in and save his family. Will grabs some ducktape and an axe and begins searching for his family and taking down bad guys. Will sends Sarah and his son Henry down an elevator to safety and then must rescue his daughter Georgia from Botha. Sawyer make a few leaps in the burning building that leaves him holding on for his life by his fingertips!


Skyscraper is an updated version of the action classic “Die Hard” but this time Dwayne Johnson does his ass-kicking on one leg! There are some great special effects in the film especially when Johnson must battle the terrorists in the holographic pearl at the top of the building that is like a gun fight in a house of mirrors. The Rock is …well …The Rock! It was nice to see Neve Campbell back on the big screen again.

I am Karl the Flick Fanatic letting you know that Skyscraper is a fun action movie and worth a summer afternoon at the cinema. Is it as good as Die Hard, No. But Skyscraper has enough action and CGI to keep the audience entertained for 90 mins.

Rated R (Violence, language)

Flickanalysis: 4/6 skyscrapers

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