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This is the Closest They’ve Been in Years

“Snatched” unites the comedic duo on the legendary Goldie Hawn and the up-and-coming Amy Schumer as a mother-daughter misadventure as all goes wrong on a vacation in Ecuador.  Emily is a typical, everyday woman, working at a local department store.  One day, everything in her life goes to shambles as she not only loses her job, but her boyfriend as well.  This leaves her with a non-refundable, all-expenses paid trip to Ecuador and nobody to go with.  After some coaxing, she convinces her mother, who hasn’t ventured outside of her routine for years, to go with her.  After meeting a man and falling-into his trap, Emily and her mother are kidnapped by a local group.  The only hope of saving them lies with a couple of friends they met at the resort and Emily’s “momma’s boy” brother back home.

Amy Schumer stars as Emily Middleton, the young woman whose life is in a downward spiral.  Schumer does well once again as the leading lady, this time offering more range as a character, but sacrificing the unstoppable hilarity that was seen in “Trainwreck”.  Goldie Hawn plays Emily’s mother, Linda Middleton.  In her first film in 15 years, Hawn proves that she absolutely still has the comedic chops to hang with the best, as her and Schumer provide plenty of laughs.  Joan Cusack and Wanda Sykes play a pair of overly-cautious friends who encounter Emily and her mom at the resort, Barb and Ruth.  Ike Barinholtz plays Emily’s younger brother, Jeffrey.  Christopher Meloni plays an adventurer they encounter along the way, Roger Simmons.  Óscar Jaenada plays the kidnapper, known only as Morgado.  Randall Park has a small role as Emily’s boyfriend, Michael.  Kim Caramele, Amy’s sister, and Katie Dippold, the film’s writer, both have brief appearances as well.

“Snatched” offers plenty of laughs and hijinks, but given the two leading ladies, I was left a little disappointed due to its’ paper-thin and predictable story.  Schumer and Hawn are a dynamic duo, perfectly bouncing jokes off each other when impeccable timing.  Schumer, once again, gives it her all for the payoff, this time even exposing herself in multiple ways.   The film’s supporting cast is impressive as well, particularly Sykes, Cusack, Barinholtz, and Salahuddin.  Sykes is her usual self, but it’s Cusack who steals the show as a mute, former-special ops member.  Barinholtz has his usual humor as well, but Salahuddin’s State Department worker offers laugh after laugh as well.  While very entertaining, he film’s story certainly leaves more to be desired; the plot is predictable and there’s not much more beneath the surface unfortunately.  Another issue some may have with “Snatched” is its’ racist undertones.  Sure they add humor to some scenes, but I can definitely see a small percentage offended by some of their jokes.  “Snatched” has a run time of 97 minutes, which allows the story, and laughs, to flow freely from start to finish.  “Snatched” is by no means a bad film, but after the success of “Trainwreck” and the comedic power in the film, I was certainly left hoping for more.  It will undoubtedly find an audience, but hopefully this isn’t the last we see of Goldie Hawn.

“Snatched” follows a mother and daughter on vacation as they get kidnapped in Ecuador.  The film features plenty of jokes, hilarious hi-jinks, and the return of Goldie Hawn.  If you are looking for laughs this weekend, then maybe “Snatched” is for you!


SNATCHED is rated R for crude sexual content, brief nudity, and language throughout, in theaters MAY 12TH!



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