SPIDERMAN FAR FROM HOME- Karl Sides (The Flick Fanatics)



Tom Holland- Peter Parker/Spiderman

Zendaya- MJ

Jake Gyllenhaal- Quentin Beck/ Mysterio

Jon Favreau- Happy Hogan

Peter Parker goes on a European vacation and Spidey ends up battling Monsters in Venice!

Spiderman Far from Home picks up immediately after the events of Endgame with a melancholy Peter Parker still reeling from the death of Tony Stark. Tributes and images of Iron Man are throughout the city and the question keeps being asked of Spiderman “Are you the new Iron Man?”  Parker decides to take a vacation to Europe with his class and leave the suit behind.

Happy Hogan is now a regular fixture in Peter’s life, mainly because he is seeing Aunt May (Marissa Tomei). Happy reminds Peter that Nick Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D. is trying to get ahold of him and Peter is avoiding him. Peter tells Happy, “I’m on vacation” and the teen has plans to have a romantic trip and tell MJ he likes her. Peter lands in Venice and his plan is progressing until he and Ned get back to their room and Ned is shot with a tranquilizer gun. Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) is holding the gun and explains,

“You are a hard person to contact Spiderman”.

Fury and Agent Marina Hill (Cobie Saunders) have been in Mexico investigating villages demolished by a sand monster. Fury explains that Spiderman is needed and he is coming with him. Peter tries to explain and asks if there is any other Avenger available, Fury says No. Nick introduces Peter to Quentin Beck and explains he is from Earth just not this one. Peter is exuberant over the idea that there is a multiverse.

Beck explains that he is tracking and battling a group of elemental monsters that destroyed his Earth. The Water monster is going to attack Venice and Beck needs Spiderman’s help to defeat them to save the planet.  Parker cuts out of the class tour and with the use of a black Costume, he manages to save his class mate and helps Beck aka Mysterio defeat the monster.

Peter thinks he is done and is ready to head to Paris and a date with MJ on the Eiffel Tower. Fury and Beck explain that the fire monster that is basically made of lava, is tracking toward Czechoslovakia. S.H.I.E.L.D. arranges for Peters class to add Czechoslovakia to their vacation allowing Spiderman to help Mysterio defeat the last Elemental.

Spiderman Far From Home is the BEST Spiderman movie and is perfect closure for the MCU 10 journey through the Infinity War and Endgame. Holland is amazing with his performance of a teenager balancing his emotions of losing his mentor and all the events of Endgame with the responsibility thrust on him by society to pick up the hero mantle and take Iron Man place. Jake Gyllenhaal is the perfect incarnation of Quentin Beck and the “hero” Mysterio. I won’t be giving any spoilers away, but I will say that everyone will be satisfied with Marvels wrap up to the 10-year evolution of their comic book heroes and will leave wanting the next wave to start NOW! I will also tease that a familiar face returns and there is a major twist, so don’t leave the theater until they make you!

I am Karl The Flick Fanatic telling you that Spiderman Far From Home is sheer perfection and should be seen numerous times this holiday weekend!

Flickanalysis Grade 5/5 PERFECTION!!!