STUBER- Karl Sides (The Flick Fanatics)



Dave Bautista- Vic Manning

Kumail Nanjani- Stu

Iko Uwais- Oka Tedjo

Bautista chases down a drug dealer using Uber in the new action comedy “Stuber”

Vic Manning (Bautista) and his partner Sara (Karen Gillian) are closing in on a drug dealer Tedjo (Uwais) attempting to make the arrest outside the Staples Center. Manning goes to blows with the criminal and losses his glasses leaving him handicapped with blurry vision and unable to shoot Tedjo. Sara confronts Tedjo and loses her gun and is fatally shot by the drug dealer.

Stu (Nanjani) is a retail clerk at a local sporting goods store with dreams of starting a spinning cycle bar with Becca (Betty Gilpin) the girls he is in love with. To earn extra money, Stu leased a new electric Prius and drives Uber for extra cash and a goal of a 5-star rating. Stu has the bad luck of getting the worst fares and his rating is suffering.

A year later and Vic Manning is still on the trail of Tedjo and busting him for killing Sara. Manning schedules laser eye surgery to avoid the issue that cost his partner her life. The surgery was a success but left him with blurry vision for 24 hours. Nicole, Vic’s daughter reminds him she is showing her art that night and Manning learns Tedjo has a big drug deal going down that night.

After Manning destroys the neighborhood trying to drive to bust Tedjo, Manning calls an Uber and Stu is the one that picks him up. What begins as a simple fare turns into an all-night Uber chase as Stu get shot, shoots a bad guy and destroys his newly leased Prius.


Stuber is a cliché, predictable cop comedy that fails to make anyone laugh. The idea of a cop using a rideshare to chase down a drug dealer is Ludacris. Kumail Nanjani is the same Indian guy he is in everything he acts in, where Dave Bautista is believable as the grizzly cop. The supporting cast is simply uninteresting.

I’m Karl, the Flick Fanatic giving you the bottom line that Stuber is just Stupid !

Flickanalysis rating 1/5 stars