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Tom Hanks “Soars” as Chesley Sullenberger, the man who piloted the “Miracle on the Hudson” in “Sully”.

Clint Eastwood brings another award contender to the big screen this week with Sully, the story behind the “Miracle on the Hudson”. Tom Hanks stars in the title role as the pilot that manages to land a plane full of passengers on the Hudson river after both engines fail. Aaron Eckhart co-stars as his co-pilot Jeff Skiles.

Everyone knows the story of US Air flight 1549, that hit a flock of birds minutes after take-off and had both engines destroyed and was forced to land a plane with 155 passengers on the Hudson river 208 seconds after the left LaGuardia airport in New York. Sully tells the story of the investigation that followed the water landing conducted by the NTSB. Sully was a hero to American and a superstar as he did the mandatory media tour following the incident. So it will come as a surprise as the insurance company pressured the National Transportation Safety Board to pin the accident on the crew.

Charles Porter (Mike O’Malley) headed up the NTSB investigation that concluded following computer simulations that Sully could in fact have made it back to La Guardia or even made it to New Jersey’s Teterboro airport safely. Sully disagreed that they we at too low an altitude to make it back and made the call to ditch the plane in the river, claiming that New York couldn’t take another Plane hitting a building after 911. We also see Capt. Sullenberger re-hash the scenarios in his head and each time the plane crashed into the city.

Skiles backed Sully completely and called the investigation a joke.

Sullenberger was a veteran pilot and also handled crash investigations for the NTSB himself and knew what they were doing. Sully called Larry Rooney (Chris Bauer), his union representative, to arrange a piloted simulation to try to defend his position that NO ONE could make it to any airport after lsing both engines 208 seconds after take-off.

How did the trial come out? GO SEE SULLY AND FIND OUT!

This is one of Eastwood’s best and the first of the Award contenders for the fall. Hanks is amazing as the heroic pilot and Eckhart is great as his co-pilot. I am impressed as they explain that it only took minutes for NYC first responders to pull the passengers from the chilly water following the landing.

Suly is AMAZING! Definitely one of the top ten of 2016.

Rated PG-13 (Language)

Running time 95 mins


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