TAG- Karl Sides (The Flick Fanatics)



Ed Helms- Hogan Malloy

Jon Hamm- Bob Callahan

Jeremy Renner- Jerry Pierce

Jake Johnson-Chilli Cilliano

A Child’s Game that lasts for 30 years and you have the new comedy, TAG!

TAG is the story of a group of friends that started a game of tag in grade school and have continued playing it for over 30 years! The real amazing thing that this is based on a true story! REALLY!

The rules of the game are simple, during the month of May, the game is on and anyone can be tagged until June1st. The last person that is it must live with the shame for 11 months until the game resumes. The challenge to the game as the group became adults is that they all don’t live in the same town, so you don’t know when someone might show up.

Hoagie Malloy was it when the game ended so he got a job as a janitor just to sneak up on Bob Callahan during an interview with Rebecca Crosby (Annabelle Wallis) with the Wall Street Journal. After trashing the conference room and Bob hitting himself with a chair, he is tagged and is now “IT”. Hogan explains that they need to leave now because this is the year they finally tag Jerry. Rebecca tells Callahan that the real story is this game and she is coming with them.

Jerry Pierce, gym owner, is the best tag player alive and has never been tagged in the 30 years they have been playing the game. Jerry has matrix like moves to avoid being tagged. Next Hogan, his wife Anna (Isla Fisher), Rebecca and Bob track down unemployed stoner Chilli who is getting stoned with his dad when Hogan knocks at his door. Chilli bolts out the window and a chase ensues ending with a two-story fall by Chilli. Hogan yells down to tell Chilli that he is not “IT” just as Bob tackles Chilli yelling “Your It!”

The final person to recruit is Sable (Hannibal Burgess) who is in the middle of a counseling session with a therapist when he is tagged by the guys and told that this is the year they tag Jerry! Hoagie explains this year they know where Jerry is going to be……he is getting married! The funny thing is none of the rest of the guys were invited. So, the game is coming to crash Jerry’s wedding day.


Tag is a laugh riot! The extremes that these guys go through to sneak up on each other is amazing. There is a scene of Bob Callahan tagging Hoagn in the delivery room when Anna is giving birth! There are costumes and surveillance as these guys plan their attacks. One of the funniest parts of the film is when they are in their hometown trying to find Jerry and the local bartender (Steve Berg) who is dying to join the game and repeatedly gets shut down!!

I am Karl, the Flick Fanatic and I am tagging you! Now YOUR IT !  So go return the favor at the local theater and se TAG and laugh until you cry! Stick around for the credits to see the real guys in action playing the game…it is Hilarious!

Rated R (Language, Drugs and Violence)

Rating 6/6 TAGS!

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