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A Place Many Know, but Few Call Home

Growing-up as an Italian-American in St. Louis, my childhood consisted of many trips down to the The Hill.  Whether it was for lunch at Rigazzi’s or Amighetti’s, treats from Missouri Bakery, or even some groceries from Viviano’s, I can still vividly remember my time on The Hill.  “America’s Last Little Italy: The Hill”, directed by Joseph Puleo, showcases the beauty of the area, while also diving-into its rich history.  It was impressive how much I thought I knew about “The Hill” prior to this film as well, but man was I wrong.  The film touches on so much of its heritage, including where the name came from, how it prospered, and how it has recovered and continues to thrive.  While it encompasses so much time, the film is smartly-constructed and transitions smoothly from topic to topic.

A large portion of the film, as well as The Hill itself, revolves around St. Ambrose.  This parish is not only gorgeous and historic, but it also serves as a beacon of pride in the community.  Fortunately, I was able to marry my wife (whose is also Italian with family still living as residents on The Hill) there on April 7th of 2018 and it could not have been more perfect.  With St. Ambrose having such a large importance in our lives, we are excited to announce that our second child (due any day now) will be named Vincent Ambrose Mosello.  Just a small way to continue the passing-down of the parish’s legacy.  The Hill has always held a place in my heart and it only continues to grow.

Full of endless facts, stories, and appearances by residents (including some family members and even some friends!), the film serves as a moving ode to a truly remarkable place.  To survive some of the trials its faced is not only impressive, it’s nothing short of a miracle.  I cannot wait to take my children to The Hill once they’re a little older!  Joseph Puleo’s “America’s Last Little Italy: The Hill” is truly a walk-down memory lane for me and I strongly encourage all St. Louisans to take the trip as well!


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