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The Invisible Man- The FlickFanatics (Karl S.)

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The Invisible Man 


Elizabeth Moss- Cecilia Kane

Oliver Jackson-Cohen- Adrian Kane

Aldis Hodge- James Lanier

Elizabeth Moss stars in an updated version of the classic Universal Horror film “The Invisible Man”.

The classic Universal creature film “The Invisible Man” circa 1933 starring Claude Rains as a scientist wrapped in bandages and sunglasses that goes on an insane murder spree. The 2020 version of the classic film stars Elizabeth Moss (The Handmaid’s Tale) as an architect trying to escape an abusive relationship with a scientist that specializes in optics.

Cecilia Kane (Moss) puts in motion an elaborate plan drugging her husband and slipping out of the house to escape the abusive relationship he has created. Adrian Kane (Jackson-Cohen) is a scientist specializing in the world of optics and has an elaborate lab downstairs that Cecilia must go into to shut down the house security system and escape. Cecilia makes her way through the woods and to the place where she is to meet her sister Emily (Harriet Dyer) and manages to get away just as Adrian gets to the vehicle smashing out a window.

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Tony's Take


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It’s the Girls Turn to Run the Show!

Based in the late 1970’s in Hell’s Kitchen, New York, “The Kitchen” follows a trio of women whose husbands are involved with the Irish mafia.  After their three husbands get caught and sent to prison for three years, Kathy (Melissa McCarty), Ruby (Tiffany Haddish), and Claire (Elizabeth Walsh) learn the hard truth that no one is going to take care of them.  Backed-up against a wall, the girls take matters into their own hands and start collecting from the holdouts of Hell’s Kitchen; in-exchange for protection and services whenever an issue arises.  As their Continue reading