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Bill and Ted Face the Music- The Flick Fanatics (Karl)

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Keanu Reeves- Ted

Alex Winter- Bill

William Sadler- Death

Strange things are afoot in San Dimas once again when Bill and Ted Face the Music!

Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter return as Bill S. Preston Esq. and Ted “Theodore” Logan or Wyld Stallyns in the third installment “Face the Music”. Its been nearly 3 decades since we saw Bill and Ted time traveling with Death (Sadler) in “Bogus Journey” and they are still struggling to write “the song” that will unite the world. Wyld Stallyns have gone from stadiums shows to Tuesday Taco nights and even played Bill’s brother Deacon’s wedding to Missy (Amy Stoch)! Yes, Missy made her way through Bills dad, Ted’s dad and finally Deacon (Beck Bennett) which tangled both family trees like a grape vine!!! Chief Logan (Hal Landon Jr.) still thinks Ted and his bandmate Bill are nuts and didn’t travel through time, go to hell or need to write a song to save the world! Bill and Ted, now married to the princess’ (Erinn Hayes, Jayma Mays), have daughters that are carbon copies of their fathers and into music and all things Wyld Stallyns, but are faced with the reality that they may never write the song and have to get real jobs.

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TOY STORY 4 REVIEW- Karl Sides (The

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Tom Hanks- Woody

Tim Allen- Buzz

Annie Potts- Bo Peep

Keanu Reeves- Duke Caboom

Woody, Buzz and the gang head out for a road trip in Toy Story 4!

Toy Story 4 opens after the events of Toy Story 2 and Bonnie is growing up and decides she doesn’t need her Little Bo Peep lamp so her Mom sells it to an antique dealer. Woody says a tearful goodbye as he felt the need to stay with Andy.  9 years has passed and Andy is in college and Bonnie is about to start elementary school.

Woody faces the hard truth that he isn’t the favorite toy any longer when Bonnie leaves him in the closet at play time. Woody sneaks out and hides in Bonnies backpack when she leaves for school. Bonnie is shy and doesn’t fit in at school. Woody helps her covertly and watches Bonnie make a new friend.


Back in Bonnie’s room Woody tells the gang about school and they are all happy she made a new friend, then Woody explains Bonnie “MADE” a new friend and introduced Forky (Tony Hale). Bonnie crafted Forky from a spork and he’s her new favorite toy. Forky is confused thinking he is trash and must find the wastebasket.

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John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum


Keanu Reeves- John Wick

Halle Berry- Sofia

Ian McShane- Winston

Laurence Fishburne- Bowery King

Reeves and Berry team up to take down the High Table in John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum!

“Parabellum in Latin- Prepare for war”

We join Keanu Reeves as the assassin John Wick in the next chapter of his story immediately after he and “dog” leave central park in Manhattan NY, racing the clock on his 1-hour grace period given to him by Winston (McShane). Wick races to The NY Public library to retrieve some items hidden in a Russian novel sending his dog along in the taxi to the Continental so Charon (Lance Reddick), the concierge, to take care of him while he runs. Wick runs into Ernest (Boban Marjanovic) at the library and even though he still has time Ernest attempts to collect the 14-million-dollar contract only to have John kill him with a book!

John next navigates the streets of New York as his grace period expires and must kill assassins on his way to the Russian Theater. Wick takes out 3 Asians on motorcycles while he is on horseback! Wick meets with The Director (Angelica Huston) who directs ballet dancers as a front for training assassins for the Russian mafia just like she did with John Wick! The Director explains she is loyal to the High Table and asks John, “All of this over a puppy?” John adds,” and a car!”. John shows her the medallion and says he has a ticket and she is bound to honor it.  The Director punches Wick’s ticket that gives him safe passage to Casablanca.

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