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An Epic Conclusion to the Skywalker Saga

As all things must end, it was an odd feeling in my chest as I sat down in the theater seat before the lights dimmed and “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” began.  Lucasfilm flashes on the screen, then bam!  The music blares, the crawl begins and I was instantly transported back to my childhood.  Our heroes are still on the run from the First Order.  Rey (Daisy Ridley) continuing her Jedi training with Finn (John Boyega) and Poe (Oscar Isaac) on a mission of their own, as Supreme Leader Kylo Ren Continue reading


Free State of Jones- Karl Sides “The Flick Fanatic”

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Matthew McConaughey rebels against the Confederate army in the new film based on actual events during the Civil War called “Free State of Jones”

Newton Knight (McConaughey), a soldier in the Confederate Army, charged with bringing injured soldiers to the field hospital. Newton was loyal to the cause until the Rebels dragged his young nephew Daniel (Jacob Lofland) out of his sister’s house to fight the Union army. Daniel ran and made his way to find Newton and his regiment. Knight has a plan to get his kin back home as the fighting is going on they are going to make a break for the woods. Daniel catches a bullet and dies in front of Newton, who leaves his company to go home and bury his family.

Knight learns that a few Confederate soldiers are taking advantage of the farmers in Jones County Mississippi stealing crops, live stock and money. Newton decides to stay and protect his kin. Lieutenant Barbour (Bill Tangradi) and his band of soldiers ride up to steal all the pigs from a farm, only to be greeted by Knight, his sister and her three daughters all holding loaded guns and pointing them at his head. Barbour rides away empty handed, but vows to return with more soldiers to arrest Newton.

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