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LET HIM GO- The Flick Fanatics (Karl S.)

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Kevin Costner- George Blackledge

Diane Lane- Margaret Blackledge

Leslie Manville-Blanche Weboy

Jeffrey Donovan-Bill Weboy

Never try to separate a grandchild from the grandparents, or pay the price!

Kevin Costner and Diane Lane (Ma and Pa Kent in DCU Superman films) re-unite for a new western drama “Let Him Go”. Costner and Lane play a retired couple that live with their son James (Ryan Bruce), his wife Lorna (Kayli Carter) and their son Jimmy (Bram and Otto Hornung) on a ranch in Montana. George, once a sheriff in Montana, now raises horses with his son and Margaret is busy over- stepping her boundaries raising her grandson Jimmy causing resentment with Lorna. All was good until James took a horse out to check some fences. James was thrown and George finds his lifeless body.

Time passes with Lorna and Jimmy continuing to live with the Blackledges and Lorna continuing to butt heads with Lorna. George turned to the bottle to help ease the pain of losing his son. Lorna also moves on and ends up marrying Donnie Weboy (Will Brittain) and moving her and Jimmy with Donnie into an apartment in town. Margaret struggles with the separation of their grandson and catches a glance of Jimmy with Lorna and Donnie walking with ice cream cones. Margaret also witness Donnie hitting Jimmy and threatening Lorna.

Margaret decides to make a cake as an excuse to visit Lorna and Jimmy to find out about Donnie and the abuse and to see if they need to come back home. When Margaret arrives at the apartment the landlord tells her the young family moved out. Margaret tells George what she witnessed in town and already has his suitcase packed. George asks her where she is going to start looking? Donnie had said he had family in North Dakota, so she planned to start there. George was reluctant and explained that Lorna isn’t just going to give Jimmy up, and Margaret explained that she is bringing Lorna as well. Margaret also planned for difficulties by packing George’s service revolver in the car.

George and Margaret have little luck finding out where Donna and Lorna have gone but meet a native American boy, Peter Dragswolf (Booboo Stewart) living on his own out on the bluffs. Peter tells the couple that he knows the Weboys and warns them to be careful because they run the town and are dangerous. He gives them directions to meet Bill Weboy. Margaret and George pull up to the small yellow house with a tall thin man working in the yard Bill Weboy.

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The Invisible Man- The FlickFanatics (Karl S.)

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The Invisible Man 


Elizabeth Moss- Cecilia Kane

Oliver Jackson-Cohen- Adrian Kane

Aldis Hodge- James Lanier

Elizabeth Moss stars in an updated version of the classic Universal Horror film “The Invisible Man”.

The classic Universal creature film “The Invisible Man” circa 1933 starring Claude Rains as a scientist wrapped in bandages and sunglasses that goes on an insane murder spree. The 2020 version of the classic film stars Elizabeth Moss (The Handmaid’s Tale) as an architect trying to escape an abusive relationship with a scientist that specializes in optics.

Cecilia Kane (Moss) puts in motion an elaborate plan drugging her husband and slipping out of the house to escape the abusive relationship he has created. Adrian Kane (Jackson-Cohen) is a scientist specializing in the world of optics and has an elaborate lab downstairs that Cecilia must go into to shut down the house security system and escape. Cecilia makes her way through the woods and to the place where she is to meet her sister Emily (Harriet Dyer) and manages to get away just as Adrian gets to the vehicle smashing out a window.

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DOCTOR SLEEP- The Flick Fanatics (Karl)

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Ewan McGregor- Danny Torrance

Kyliegh Curran- Abra Stone

Rebecca Ferguson- Rose the Hat

McGregor “shines” as Danny Torrance in “Doctor Sleep”, the sequel and ending to the great horror film “The Shining”.

Director Mike Flanagan (Ouija: Origin of Evil) has penned and directed Doctor Sleep, a screenplay to close out the story of Danny Torrance and his mother Wendy (Alex Essoe) following the events at the Overlook (The Shining). Ewan McGregor is an adult Danny Torrance that is still haunted by the ghosts of the Overlook Hotel and tries to negate his special ability aka “Shine” in bottles of booze and strange women.

Dan Torrance now in his mid-30’s still remembers the days after they escapes the Overlook hotel with his mother. In a flashback, young Danny refuse to talk, except to the ghost of his friend Hallorann (Carl Lumbly) who was killed by his father at the hotel. Hallorann shows Danny a special box and has him study it so he can recreate it in his mind. Danny uses the box to capture the Overlook spirits. Once the ghosts are gone Danny opens up and talks to his mother.


Dan tired of drifting from town to town, settles in a New Hampshire town and makes a friend Billy Freeman (Cliff Curtis) who sets him up in an apartment and a job at a hospice clinic. Dan notices the clinics cat visits a patient’s room when they are in there final hours. Torrance also keeps them company and helps ease them into the afterlife with his “Shine”. This earns him the nickname Doctor Sleep. Back at Dan’s apartment, one of the walls in the room is slate lie a chalkboard. Dan starts getting mysterious messages from another person who also “shines”.

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ANNABELLE COMES HOME- Karl Sides (The Flick Fanatics)

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Annabelle Comes Home


Vera Farmiga- Loraine Warren

Patrick Wilson- Ed Warren

McKenna Grace- Judy Warren

While the Warrens are away, Annabelle unleashes hell in the new thriller “Annabelle Comes Home”.

Annabelle Comes Home is another chapter in the Conjuring universe centered around the demonic doll Annabelle. The film picks up with the Warrens lifting evil spirits from a home where they discovered a doll that was a portal for evil and had to be removed. Annabelle, a hideous doll, that was brought back to the Warren’s evil spirit trophy room where she was locked in a cabinet made from blessed church glass and had signs posted not to open for any reason. Lorraine and Ed were so worried about the doll’s power they had a priest come bless the room annually.


Judy Warren paid the price of having famous parents. She had no friends at school because half were afraid and the other half though her family was a joke. Judy’s best friend was her sitter Mary Ellen (Madison Iseman). Mary Ellen was brought over to watch Judy when Lorraine and Ed had to go out of town for a case. Mary Ellen was going to bake Judy a cake for her birthday and celebrate with her over the weekend. Mary Ellen’s best friend crashed the “party” and stayed over as well.

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The Intruder (2019)- Karl Sides (The Flick Fanatics)

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The Intruder (2019)


Dennis Quaid- Charlie Peck

Michael Ealy- Scott Russell

Meagan Good- Annie Russell

Dennis Quaid brings a whole new meaning to “House Hunting” in the new film “The Intruder”.

Scott Russell is a successful marketing executive in San Francisco. When he and his wife Annie decide to start a family, they leave their posh penthouse apartment in the city and find a wonderful place in Napa Valley. Scott and Annie make the trip to se the house and meet the owner Charlie Peck.

Charlie is a recent widower, losing his wife to cancer, selling is home called “Foxglove” (also the name of a poisonous plant that grows on the grounds) and plans to move to Florida to live with his daughter. The Russell’s walk around the woods behind the house and are greeted by Charlie with a rifle shot that dropped a deer a few feet away from them. Peck apologized and explained the damage the deer did to the property.

After touring the house, a deal for approx. 3 million is made and next we see Scott and Annie moving in. Charlie hands over the keys and information on the house to Annie. The Russell’s begin to make changes to the house and after a couple of sleepless nights they install a surveillance system that sets Charlie off. Yes, Charlie’s Florida trip was delayed and his is staying at a hotel in town and just keeps popping up at the house like a weed!

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