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American Made- Karl Sides “The Flick Fanatic”

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Tom Cruise flies a dangerous path between the CIA and the Colombia Drug Cartels in the New film “American Made”.

Barry Seal (Tom Cruise) is a TWA pilot in the early 80’s, crisscrossing the nation and even smuggling some Cuban cigars on occasion. On one such trip, Barry is approached by Monty Schafer (Domhall Gleason) who is recruiting him for the CIA to fly recon missions over Colombia to spy on the rebels. Barry keeps his new job from his wife Lucy (Sarah Wright), who believes he still works at TWA.

Barry got some of the best intelligence photos the CIA had seen. Flying in and out of Columbia hadn’t gone unnoticed by the drug cartels. Pablo Escobar “hired” Barry to fly cocaine into Louisiana swamps to avoid DEA complications. Barry made regular trips for the Cartel and made so much money he ran out of room to hide it.

Agent Schafer learned about Barry’s supplemental income source, but instead of arresting him, the CIA wanted him to bring weapons to the Contra rebels. Seal now delivered guns and brought back cocaine on the return trip. The CIA moved the Seal family to a wooded retreat in Alabama where Barry virtually bought up the town with drug money and hired more pilots to help with the merchandise.

American Made is based on a true account of Barry Seal who walked a tight-rope between the CIA and the deadly drug cartels. This is one of the best Cruise films as he plays the scheming pilot that thinks he can outsmart the law and the criminals.

If you are looking for a fun entertaining film this weekend, fly into the theater and check out “American Made”!

Rating 5/6 jets

Rated R (Language, drugs, violence, brief nudity)

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THE MUMMY review

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Welcome to a New World of Gods and Monsters

This summer’s “The Mummy” is here to kickoff Universal’s new “Dark Universe”!  The film opens as it explores the life of the King’s daughter, Princess Ahmanet.  After the birth of a younger brother that removed her from ever becoming Queen, she murders her entire family to Continue reading

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jack-reacher-never-go-back-600x936He’s the Guy you weren’t Counting On

In 2012, a dark and intense action thriller by the name of “Jack Reacher” hit theaters during a difficult time in our country and the film mostly flew-under the radar, but it introduced us to a no-holds-barred military hero named Jack Reacher.  Four years later he’s back in “Jack Reacher: Never Go Back”; our retired military Major Jack Reacher has been Continue reading