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This is the Greatest Show!

Welcome to The Greatest Show, an original musical that follows the story behind the creation of one of the most beloved and lasting entertainment spectacles of all time.  P.T. Barnum grew-up the son of a tailor, visiting rich homes and dreaming of a life far-greater than his; falling in-love with one of his father’s patron’s daughters.  Fast forward years later, Barnum and his wife are Continue reading

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Mike and Dave poster They Needed Hot Dates.  They Got Hot Messes.

Meet Mike and Dave.  The two brothers run a tequila business and love to have a good time.  With their little sister’s wedding around the corner, Mike and Dave’s parents sit them down to discuss their antics at family gatherings.  They point out how often Mike and Dave ruin the events by destroying things and hitting on all of the single friends.  To make sure this doesn’t happen Continue reading


NEIGHBORS 2:SORORITY RISING- Karl “The Flick Fanatic” Sides

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neighbors2 poster

Rogan and Burns get new neighbors, this time it’s a sorority in Neighbors2: Sorority Rising!

Seth Rogan and Rose Byrne are back in the sequel to the 2014 generational comedy hit “Neighbors” battling college girls in “Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising”. Joining the battle are friends Jimmy ( Ike Barinholtz), Paula (Carla Gallo) and previous nemesis Teddy (Zac Efron).

Mac and Kelly Radner (Rogan and Byrne) are happy again, relishing in the victory over the fraternity that moved in next door. They have sold their house and bought a new house in the suburbs with no neighbors in site. The only thing that can wreck their world is if the buyers back out while sale is in escrow for the next 30 days. During a love making session when Kelly vomits in Mac’s face, they learn Kelly is pregnant again!

Shelby (Chloe Grace Moritz), Beth (Kiersey Clemons) and Nora (Beanie Feldstein) are college freshman that are pledging a sorority. They learn that sororities have parties but all the real fun (drugs and drinking) happen at the fraternities. So Shelby decides to find a house and start their own sorority, Kappa Nu!

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