The 5th Wave by Karl “the Flick Fanatic” Sides

The-5th-Wave-Poster-2          AVOID FILM

Chloe Grace Moritz gives her take on an alien invasion in the new action flick ” 5th Wave”.

Aliens have arrived in Earth’s atmosphere and begin attacks in waves. The first was an EMPTY that knocked out power and communication. This was followed by earthquakes and tidal waves. The third wave was a bird flu. The forth wave was invasion by the aliens.

Carrie (Moritz) is a survivor trying to save her brother from the militia who took him. The 5th Wave also stars Liev Schreiber,  Ron Livingston and Maria Bello.

The 5th wave is a mash – up of “War of the Worlds” & “Divergent” for the MTV generation.

Here the complete Flickanalysis here:

Grade 0/6

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