THE ADDAMS FAMILY (2019)- Karl Sides (The Flick Fanatics)

The Addams Family 

Starring Vocal talents of:

Oscar Issacs- Gomez Addams

Charlize Theron- Morticia Addams

Chloe Grace Moritz- Wednesday

Finn Wolfhard- Pugsly

The 60’s TV classic is getting “animated” for a new generation with “The Addams Family”.

Villagers with pitchforks and torches run the Addams family out of Europe just as young Gomez was marrying Morticia. Gomez promises to find them a place that will be safe for them to raise their kids. Gomez (Issacs) and Morticia (Theron) make their way to New Jersey and hit an escaped mental patient with their car. Gomez hands him the bags and the Addams move into the haunted asylum on the hill. The patient is Lurch who becomes the Addams butler.

13 years later, Morticia and Gomez are joined by Uncle Fester (Nick Kroll) and Grandma (Bette Midler) to help raise their kids Wednesday (Moritz) and Pugsly (Wolfhard) who must prepare for the mamushka, an Addams family right of passage. Gomez’s right hand is literally a hand called “Thing” rounds out the Addams family. Gomez tries to teach his son sword play but Pugsly is all about explosives. Wednesday spends her day with her pet octopus and shooting her crossbow at Uncle Fester. Wednesday wonders what lies beyond the mist down the hill.


Margaux Needler (Allison Janney) is the town DIY TV host that wants to renovate everyone’s house flip the town and make herself rich. Margaux’s plan is working until the Addams make a visit to town. Wednesday makes friends with Margaux’s daughter Parker and decides to go to public school with Parker. Margaux makes a trip to the Addams house to try to renovate it but the house is haunte and the spirits have other plans.

Margaux moves to plan B and turn the town against the Addams family but this time the kooky family isn’t running away!

I grew up watching the original TV series with the great John Astin so I was excited for this animated version to share with my grandkids. I was happy to see the origin story of the family and then to have the film focused on Wednesday and Pugsly. I loved Cousin It rolling up in a white limo all “pimped” out with Gin and Juice playing and being voiced by Snoop Dogg. I would have liked to see more classic Uncle Fester scenes and maybe have John Astin voice one of the Addams extended relatives.

I like this animated version of my favorite family a lot and I’m sure it wil serve as a base for a streaming cartoon series on TV.

Rating 3/5