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Steven Spielberg brings the children’s novel to the big screen with the new film “The BFG”.

Steven Spielberg brings the tale of BFG aka Big Friendly Giant, a book by Roald Dahl (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) to the big screen this weekend in a mixture of live action and beautiful animation. BFG stars Ruby Barnhill as the orphan girl with a nasty case of insomnia that by a stroke of luck sees a giant out her window. Mark Rylance, Jemaine Clement, Adam Godley and Bill Hader provide voices for BFG and the other giants.

Sophie, an orphan that can’t sleep or dream, spends her nights roaming the halls of her orphanage. That is until the night she is looking out the window and catches a glimpse of a giant walking the streets of London! The giant snatched up Sophie, not wanting her to give away his existence, and took her back to “Giantland” where he lives with a group of other giants.

Sophie strikes up a conversation with her captor to see if she is going to be his guest or his dinner. She finds out the giant is friendly and only wants to remain unseen by the public and is protecting Sophie from the other giants that WILL eat her whole. Sophie names the giant BFG for Big Friendly Giant. Sophie accompanies BFG on his “job”, he collects dreams and goes back to town every night to give people their dreams.

BFG is abused and mistreated by the other giants as he is the smaller nicer giant. Sophie comes up with a plan that involves the Queen and her army to drive the other giants away and keep them from eating any humans. The highlight of the film is the scene with Sophie and BFG meeting and having breakfast with the Queen of England (Penelope Wilson), it is “explosive” and hilarious.

The BFG is a cute film, but I fear far too slow for the little one (the target audience) to stay involved in the story. BFG is also way too long for a children’s film. I did enjoy Mark Rylance’s BFG giant. His butchering of the English language as he talks to Sophie is cute and very entertaining.

In the end, The BFG is one of those films that you wait and get it on DVD for the kids as a rental. It will be lost in the group of good children’s films coming out this summer.

Rated PG (Animated violence)

Running Time 117 mins

RATING 1.5/6


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