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Boss, The (2016)

If Melissa McCarthy is “The Boss”, then she needs to Fire her writers!

Melissa McCarthy Stars in “The Boss” a comedy directed by Ben Falcone. McCarthy previously worked with Falcone on his directorial debut, the under-whelming comedy “Tammy.”  The Boss also stars Peter Dinklage (Game of Thrones), Tyler Labine (Reeper) and Kristen Bell.

The Boss tells the tale of orphan Michelle Darnell’s rise from obscurity to monetary superstardom. Darnell was left at an orphanage by her mother for the nuns to raise the poor child. Repeatedly as she grew up Michelle would be adopted and subsequently brought back by the family once they got to know the child and knew what they were in for.

Flash forward to the present, Darnell is an adult and a corporate superstar. She is like the female Donald Trump. She has motivational speaking tours at sold out stadiums that feel like a Rolling Stones concert. Behind the scenes Claire (Bell), Darnell’s assistant keeps her boss’ life together planning her meetings and even whitening her teeth.  Darnell gets a cryptic note from her business rival Renault (Dinklage) who also was her ex-boyfriend. Darnell and Claire head up to the roof only to find Renault on the roof of his adjoining building. The ex lovers quip back and forth until Darnell throws another deal she landed in his face. Michelle made a fortune on a stock tip (insider trading) and stole it out from under Renault.

Renault squeals to the Feds and Darnell is off to white collar prison. When she is released, Darnell is broke and homeless. All her accounts have been seized and her properties foreclosed.  She goes to the only “friend” she has, Claire.

Claire, a single mother with daughter Rachel (Ella Anderson) and doesn’t want Darnell as a house guest, Rachel talks her into it and Michelle helps out by taking Rachel to her scout meeting.  Darnell quickly comes up with a business plan to eliminate the scout troop and get money directly to the girls for college and making herself another fortune. Darnell’s Darlings are going to sell Claire’s delicious brownies and make millions. Claire quits her office job, but not before agreeing to a date with co-worker Mike Beals (Labine).

Darnell’s old ways of screwing her partners over returns and she leaves Claire holding the brownie bag and saddled with Renault as her new partner and she takes off with the cash!

McCarthy is such a hit or miss comedic actress. She was hilarious in Bridesmaids, The Heat and Spy. I really like her in the straight person’s role opposite Bill Murray in St. Vincent. She was horrible in Tammy, Identity Thief and unfortunately The Boss. The only funny segments surround McCarthy fueding with the opposing scout troops and their mothers. There is a hilarious street fight between the two troops with Darnell’s Darlings leaving the fight victorious! If McCarthy is “The Boss”, then she needs to FIRE her writers. It isn’t all McCarthy’s fault, she is saddled with the movie killer….Kristen Bell. Bell has a way of dooming every film she appears in like “When in Rome”, “Stuck in Love” and You Again. Before you say it, she didn’t appear in Frozen!

The Boss is a non funny comedy that reveals all it humor in the TV trailers. I can only say if you are a fan of McCarthy, wait for video, but I wouldn’t pay for this tasteless film!

Boss, The (2016) Boss, The (2016)

Rated R (sexual content, language and drug use)

Rating 1.5/5

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