The Commuter- Karl Sides (The Flick Fanatic.com)


Starring: Liam Neeson- Michael MacCauley

                   Vera Farmiga- Joanna

                   Patrick Wilson- Alex Murphy

Liam Neeson has a $100k if he can track down a person on a crowded commuter train!

Michael MacCauley walked away from his job as a Chicago detective to sell insurance and enjoy life with his wife and sons. On the same day they took out a second mortgage on their house so their son can go to Syracuse University, MacCauley is fired from his job.

Michael meets an old police buddy Alex Murphy for beers. MacCauley explains his unemployment, no savings and that he has not told his wife, Murphy tells him to catch his train and go home and tell his wife.

Michael runs to met his commuter train and as he boards he is pick pocketed and loses his cell phone. Michael sits down in a front car and begins to read a book when a strange woman named Joanna sits down in front of him and begins to ask him Hypothetical questions. Joanna next tells MacCauley that she knows he was a detective and it should be easy for him to find the one person on the train that doesn’t belong (not a daily commuter) and tag them with a GPS tracker then he gets $100,000.

MacCauley finds the deposit Joanna told him about in the bathroom of the train and takes it, excepting the job of finding the mystery rider. Michael tags the person he thinks is the “guy”, and finds him shot and killed hidden in the floor of the train!

Things start falling into place and Joanna who exited the train is calling on the dead guys cell phone to remind MacCauley he accepted the job and if he fails they will kill his family.

The Commuter is a fun ride to start the year. The Commuter story is a little predictable and has a twist toward the end, but in the end the film has a feel of “Taken” on a train.  The film has some good supporting performances from Johnathan Banks and Sam Neil as a fellow commuter and the chief of police. The film has some major questions and plot holes but the action on the train has you forgetting those.

I’m Karl the Flick Fanatic telling you to take the bargain fare on this train and catch it at a matinee!

Rating: 4/6 train tickets


Rated PG-13 (Language and Violence)

Running time: 104 mins


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