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Wilson and Farmiga return as Ed and Lorraine Warren to battle a demonic presence across the pond in “The Conjuring 2.”

Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga reprise their roles as Ed and Lorraine Warren, sharing with us the case they investigated immediately following the events in Amityville that the press referred to as “England’s Amityville” but we call it “The Conjuring 2.” Ed and Lorraine were asked by the church to hold a séance in the Amityville house where the Lutz family was terrorize. Lorraine saw the murders of the DeFeo family by Ronald DeFeo and then was face to face with a demon dressed as a nun that showed her the death of her husband Ed. The events of Amityville rattle Lorraine, add the press tour with the Warrens constantly having to defend themselves against the accusations of being hoaxes was exhausting to her. Lorraine asked Ed to stop exorcising demonic spirits before it ends up killing them. Ed agreed and then presented Lorraine with a painting that he had done with the same demonic nun on it that Lorraine saw in Amityville. Lorraine again is visited by the being and sees Ed dead again.

In Enfield England, Peggy Hodgson (Frances O’Connor) is a single mother whose husband left her and their 4 kids to fend for themselves. Janet (Madison Wolfe), the middle daughter, begins hearing seeing strange things after she used a homemade Ouija board. It turns out to be an old man named Bill that died in the chair the family keeps in the corner of the living room. The spirit tells Janet to “Get out of my house!” Bill begins to posses Janet and torments the other children as well. Janet begins showing bruises and a bite mark on her shoulder. Peggy awakes one night to Janet and her older sister Margaret (Lauren Esposito) screaming in their room. When Peggy enters the room the girls describe the spirit and before she can dismiss it, she sees the girl’s dresser slide across the room barring the door trapping them in the room.

Peggy calls the police who also witness the events in the house and suggest she call the church because this is out of their league. The Catholic Church reaches out to Ed and Lorraine to just go examine the house and the family to see if it is something the church needs to be involved with. Lorraine warns Ed that they need to stop, but Ed explains that there is a family with young kids that need their help. Janet begins appearing with knives during the possessions and Peggy fears that she may hurt the rest of the kids, so she sends them away to stay with a friend.

Ed and Lorraine show up and set up cameras and tape recorders around the house. They ask for the family to return to the house to provide a team effort in helping Janet get rid of “Bill”. Lorraine talks to Janet and explains it is ok to be different and understands what she is feeling. Janet explains that she is exhausted and tired of the spirit talking to her. Ed records Bill speaking through Janet (who had a mouth full of water) explaining it is his house and wants to know where his family is. Ed and Lorraine are convinced that there is a spirit in the Hodgson home until they see a tape of the kitchen camera where Janet is staging an event. Ed knows that this will keep the church from intervening.

Is it a hoax? Are Peggy and Janet staging this for money and better living arrangements? Is Bill the only spirit in the house?

You will have to go see the Conjuring 2 to find out!

The Conjuring was the best suspense/horror film I had seen in the past 10 years, and the sequel is just as good! There are moments in the film where Bill is tormenting Billy, the youngest Hodgson child that has a stuttering problem, that he manifests himself as the “crooked man” & jumps out and sends the audience flying out of their seats! This is only one example of the many times that the Conjuring 2 scares the audience during the 2 hour edge of your seat thrill ride! Make sure to stick around during the credits following the film to see the actual photos and tape recordings from the Warren files detailing the Enfield possession.

Go see The Conjuring 2 this weekend!!! You will have a great time, you will be scared and you will sleep with the light on!!!

Rate R (Disturbing Images, Smoking, Language)

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