The Curse of La Llorona- Karl Sides ( The Flick Fanatics)

The Curse of La LLorona


Linda Cardellini- Anna Tate-Garcia

Raymond Cruz- Rafael Olvera

Roman Christou- Chris

Jaynee-Lynne Kitchen- Samantha

The Mexican legend of La Llorona tells of a woman who married the man of her dreams and had two children. She finds her husband in the arms of another woman and goes crazy and gets back at him by drowning his sons. When she realizes what she has done she is overcome with grief and kills herself. Then the spirit of La Llorona weeps as she searches for children to sacrifice.

Michael Chaves brings us another tale from the Conjuring Universe called “The Curse of La Llorona” that has a spirit searching for children to kill in south central Los Angeles.  La Llorona stars Linda Cardellini (Green Book, Freaks and Geeks) as Anna, a widowed mother of two that burns the candle at both ends working as a social worker for the Dept. of Family Services.

Anna lost her husband, a policeman, to the job killed in action. Anna gets a lead from her boss that one of her clients, Patricia Alverez’s (Patricia Velasquez) boys have not been in school for a week. She goes for an in-home visit where she finds a terrified Alverez and searches the apartment for the boys. Anna finds a closet with a pad lock on the outside and some weird drawings on the door. Inside the closet were the boys were being hidden by Patricia so they weren’t taken by La Llorona (Marisol Ramierez).

Alverez is arrested and the boys sent to a foster home. Later that evening the boys see La Llorona and she takes the boys out of the home. Anna receives a late-night call and drives with her kids in tow to the LA river where the boy’s bodies were found. Anna’s son Chris, who is still very interested in the police, locks his sister Samantha in the car as he sneaks down to get a peek at the crime scene. Chris hears a woman sobbing behind him and approaches her to see if she is ok, it is La Llorona! She grabs him burning his wrist, the same marks the Alverez boys had, sending Chris running for the car.

The police bring Mrs. Alverez to identify the bodies and she sees Anna and curses her and her kids to the spirit so that her boys may be returned to her.

The next few days strange things start to happen to Chris and Samantha at home when they start seeing La Llorona. Anna is visited by a co-worker who is investigating her kids and burns and injuries they are having. Desperate, Anna visits Fr. Perez (Tony Amendola), the priest who brought the Annabelle doll to the Warrens, and tells him what is happening to her kids. He tells Mrs. Garcia that if the church gets involved it could take over 6 months, but there is a local man, Rafael Olvera, a former priest that still believes in God but not the way the church handles evil.

Olvera performs a test to see if the Garcia house is possessed by La Llorona by rubbing eggs around the house then explains to the kids if he cracks them and the egg s black, there is evil there. Anna says it’s a trick she saw on tv as Rafael cracks an egg and black ooze comes out. The rest of the eggs explode sending the ooze all over, with Olvera responding “Ta Da!”

Olvera readies the house with holy water, chimes plus wood scraps and a cross made from the tree that witnessed the murder of La Llorona’s kids. The battle begins with the evil spirit trying to trick the kids out of the protected house so that she may drown them.

Who is going to win?

The Curse of La Llorona is a great film based on a tragic legend from Mexico and a perfect fit in the Conjuring series of films. Llorona is not too scary but is suspenseful and will have you jumping from the edge of your seat. Cardellini is very good as the frazzled mother, but Cruz with his dry humor and the occasional “Ta Da” when he does something to keep the spirit at bay is hilarious. The only “knock” I will give La Llorona is that in the end there is no scene featuring the Warrens. But there is another opportunity to link the films in “The Conjuring 3”. Fingers crossed.

Flickanalysis 4/5