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Michael Keaton is Ray Kroc, the “Big Mac” in the story of a fast food legend in The Founder.

Ray Kroc (Keaton), a traveling salesman trying to sell mix-master shake machines to restaurants in the midwest. That is until he gets a sale from a burger stand in California for 10 machines! Kroc travels down route 66 to meet the McDonald brothers (Nick Offerman and John Carroll Lynch) at their restaurant where they have perfected the hamburger and serve hundreds in minutes.

Ray has a burger and it blows his mind. He decides to invest in the brothers and franchise McDonalds restaurants across the country. Dick and Mac McDonald aren’t sold on Ray and his ideas. They are concerned with product consistency and managers changing the menu and recipes.
Kroc guarantees product and menu consistency and starts on the first franchise location in Ohio that features the trademark “golden Arches”. As Kroc continues to obsess on grown the burger joints and making millions, he continues to butt heads and hanging up on Dick McDonald (Offferman).

Kroc continues to grow his business and finds a way to buy the land the McDonalds buildings are on and leasing it to the brothers. This allows him more money and a way to move the brothers out of their family business. Kroc sends the McDonald boys a final letter explaining the “new terms” of their partnership that have the brother out in the cold.

Kroc also reffered to himself as the “founder” of the franchise, when in reality the salesman stole the business away from the family that started it.
The Founder is a good movie and informative abou the man Ray Kroc that put McDonald around the world.

I’m Karl the Flick Fanatic telling you to grab a big Mac and check out the Founder this weekend!

Rated PG-13 (Language)
Running time 115 mins


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