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Emily Blunt is an emotional “train wreck” as she rides the train every day and ends up in the middle of a murder investigation in the new thriller, “Girl on the Train”.

Rachel (Emily Blunt), a recently divorced unemployed alcoholic, who rides the train into NYC each day stalking her ex-husband’s new wife and child and watches the picture perfect couple a few houses down. Tom (Justin Theroux) and Rachel failed at having a child, and Rachel turned to the bottle to cope with the failure to conceive. Her alcoholism cost Rachel her marriage, Tom his job, and eventually her job. Tom fell in love with Anna (Rebecca Ferguson), a real estate agent, whom he had been cheating with for two years while dealing with Rachel.

Rachel would constantly call Tom and even showed up at his house one day and was walking away with his child when Anna woke up. Rachel would fantasize about the other couple who were in love as she rode on the train and doodled in her book. One morning Rachel saw the blonde woman on the balcony of her home kissing another man. After downing a lot of booze, an infuriated Rachel made an abusive video for Tom and rode the train home…..this time though she got off at her old neighborhood to set this woman straight.

Megan (Haley Bennett), the woman Rachel was watching, was not happily married. She was faking her way through.  Megan explained how she really wasn’t in love with her husband, thought of herself as a whore, and had no desire to be a mother. Megan’s husband arranged for her to help Anna and Tom with their baby in hopes she would change her mind about getting pregnant. Megan would flirt with her therapist (Edgar Ramirez) and he was the one Rachel saw kissing Megan from the train!

Rachel followed Megan to a tunnel in the park and she blacked out. Rachel woke up covered in blood with no memory of what happen that night. Police showed up the next day explaining that Megan is missing and she was seen in the area. Rachel has to admit to her roommate Cathy (Laura Prepon) and the police she was blackout drunk and has no memory of her actions that night. Rachel tries to recreate her actions to remember what happened while the police investigate Megan as a missing person.

Days later Megan’s body is found in the woods. Rachel now is a suspect as well as Megan’s husband Scot (Luke Evans). Rachel explains what she saw from the train to the police that reminded her that she was drunk when she witnessed this. Rachel also pretended to be a friend of Megan’s to tell Scot about the other man and eventually fingered Dr. Abdic as the man Megan was cheating with. The police were leaning toward Rachel and Scot since the good doctor had an airtight alibi.

There are a few twists and even a red herring that will have you guessing who killed Megan until the end of the film! Blunt and Bennett are fantastic in this thriller as a couple of broken women that intersect at the train tracks.

I am not going to tell you who killed Megan, or even give you a clue. There is only one way to find out….Go see The Girl on the Train this weekend!!!

girl-train-3 girl-train-2 girl-train-1

Rated R

Running time 112 mins

Rating 5/6

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