The Happytime Murders- Karl Sides (The Flick Fanatics)



Bill Barretta- voice of Phil Phillips

Melissa McCarthy- Det. Connie Edwards

Elizabeth Banks- Jenny

Maya Rudolph- Bubbles

Joel McHale- FBI Agent Campbell

Fructose, Fluff and F-bombs are flying in the new Adult puppet comedy “The Happytime Murders”


Brian Henson, son of the Muppet creator Jim Henson, assembles a group of comedians to star opposite a new group of stuffed puppets in the new “who dunnit” film “The Happytime Murders”. Modern day Los Angeles and puppets live and work along side humans. The relationship is not totally harmonious as humans ridicule and torture puppets, while dogs treat them like chew toys.

Private Investigator Phil Phillips, a puppet and former police detective, walks into his office and into a new case. Bubbles (Rudolph), his secretary tells Philips he has a new client in his office and did he…. Sandra, a knockout puppet who is receiving threatening letters. Phillips takes the case and the clues in the letter lead him to a porn shop where he runs into a familiar puppet, Mr. Bumblypants (voice of Kevin Clash) , who claims not to have a porn addiction and is lost. Phillips questions the store owner only to be interrupted by a crew shooting puppet porn in the back room with an alien milking a cow in bondage and milk is spewing all over the store. Phillips goes in back to check the store purchase receipts as a mysterious figure with a shotgun and kills all the puppets in the store. Phillips emerges from the back to see the fluff floating everywhere.

LAPD shows up with Phillips ex-partner Det. Connie Edwards. Phillips and Edwards had a falling out when a gun shot goes awry and Phillips kills and innocent puppet in front of his daughter and Edwards is shot by the criminal in the struggle forcing Phillips to take her to a puppet hospital for surgery to save her life. Edwards resents Phillips for missing the shot, her having a puppet kidney and an unhealthy addiction to sugar.

Phillips and Edwards are forced to team up by the Lieutenant (Leslie David Baker) and find the killer. Phillips meets his brother Larry to ask about Mr. Bumblypants, his co-star on a retro comedy TV show called The Happytime gang. Larry tells Phil about the money they are set to get when the show goes into syndication. Later that evening, the mysterious figure let loose some dogs that ripped Larry apart.

Phil and Connie realize that one of the Happytime gang is killing the other to cash in on all the syndication money. As more and more puppets are turned to fluff and Phil Phillips is front and center, FBI agent Campbell make Phil the primary suspect.

The Happytime Murders is NOT your kids “Muppet movie”. This is a very adult puppet show with puppets dropping F-bombs, snorting sugar like cocaine and there are too much sexual references to keep track of. One of the most hilarious scenes is when Phillips and his new client Sandra go over a second letter just before she jumps his bones and he ejaculates all over his office like its silly string! Bubbles must be used to it since she has the Windex ready in her desk drawer. Hilarious! The Happytime Murders is very funny and is like a puppet version of “Basic Instinct”, but it does have moments that are slow and drag.

I’m Karl the Flick Fanatic telling you if you are a fan of the Muppets or Ave. Q and are yearning for a curse filled sex laden comedy, then The Happytime Murders is just right for you! Get your fluff on and head to the theater!

Rated R (Language, Sexual References, Drugs)

Rating: 4/6 bottles of syrup

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