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Hemsworth and Chastain look in the mirror and see likeness of Charlize Theron in the Chilly film “The Huntsman: Winter’s War”

Chris Hemsworth (Erik) and Charlize Theron (Queen Ravenna)return in “The Huntsman: Winter’s War”, the sequel to the 2012 film Snow White and the Huntsman. There is no trace of Kristen Stewart (thank goodness!), but we are introduced to some new characters played by Emily Blunt (Queen Freya), Jessica Chastain (Sara), Nick Frost (Nion) and Rob Brydon (Gryff).

Winters War picks up after Erik and Snow White have defeated Ravenna, and supposedly killed her, leaving the magic golden mirror in the castle slowly killing Snow White. A small group of soldiers were sent with the mirror to store it away in sanctuary and never to be seen again. The mirror never made it there. Erik is commanded to find the mirror and with dwarves Nion and Gryff get it to the safety of santuary.

This is when we get the back story on the huntsman. We learn about Freya, Ravenna’s sister who fell in love only to have her beau burn their child alive. This sends Freya reeling and she spurns love and releases her icy powers. She leaves for the north, setting up her kingdom and begins to conquer the north. She steals children and trains them to be her huntsman army. To fall in love is forbidden. Erik and fellow huntsman Sars are Freya best warriors and as the grew older they grew closer and secretly marry. Freya sees this with her spying ice owl and pits the lovers against each other telling them, “If you can get to each other you can leave.” They are then surrounded by the other huntsman and the battle begins. Sara and Erik beat the other and just before joining hands Freya erects a wall of ice between them. Erik is beaten and thrown in the river, left for dead. Not before he sees Sara stabbed and killed.

Erik must find the mirror before Freya or the entire world will be covered with ice. The group is tracked down by Freya’s huntsman only to be saved by a mysterious figure. Their savior turns out to be Sara. She was not killed, instead she was held in Freya’s dungeon for 7 years thinking Erik ran out on her. She is mad at Erik, but agrees to help Erik find the mirror. They also pick up some female dwarves, Mrs. Bromwyn (Sheridan Smith) and Doreena (Alexandra Roach), to keep Nion and Gryff in line. The group learns that goblins have stolen the golden mirror.

Erik and Sara with the dwarves get the mirror and are almost to sanctuary when everything turns cold and Queen Freya turns up with her huntsman army to take the mirror and her spy she had sent to find it, Sara! Erik and the dwarves now must go north to reclaim the mirror and turn/rescue Sara before Queen Freya learns the power of the mirror. Sara isn’t the only surprise character returning from the dead. Erick and the dwarves sneak into the castle only to be greeted by Ravenna!

Winter’s War better it’s predecessor in 2012 because it has a better story, cool special effects and NO Kristen Stewart. It was funny that the crowd rumbled that this film screamed of a live action “Frozen” feel to it. It plays like a Frozen & Lord of the Rings mash up. The worst thing about the film was Hemsworth’s HORRIBLE Scottish accent! It was nice to see the evil Ravenna return because Theron is a great villainess. The best part aside for the special effects were the dwarves. They are hilarious! In the end The Huntsman: Winter’s War is predictable but fun to watch!

I am Karl the Flick Fanatic telling you …yes telling you to go see The Huntsman: Winter’s War in the theater! It is worthy of a matinee and fans of the first film will love it.

Rating 3.5/6

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