The Intruder (2019)- Karl Sides (The Flick Fanatics)

The Intruder (2019)


Dennis Quaid- Charlie Peck

Michael Ealy- Scott Russell

Meagan Good- Annie Russell

Dennis Quaid brings a whole new meaning to “House Hunting” in the new film “The Intruder”.

Scott Russell is a successful marketing executive in San Francisco. When he and his wife Annie decide to start a family, they leave their posh penthouse apartment in the city and find a wonderful place in Napa Valley. Scott and Annie make the trip to se the house and meet the owner Charlie Peck.

Charlie is a recent widower, losing his wife to cancer, selling is home called “Foxglove” (also the name of a poisonous plant that grows on the grounds) and plans to move to Florida to live with his daughter. The Russell’s walk around the woods behind the house and are greeted by Charlie with a rifle shot that dropped a deer a few feet away from them. Peck apologized and explained the damage the deer did to the property.

After touring the house, a deal for approx. 3 million is made and next we see Scott and Annie moving in. Charlie hands over the keys and information on the house to Annie. The Russell’s begin to make changes to the house and after a couple of sleepless nights they install a surveillance system that sets Charlie off. Yes, Charlie’s Florida trip was delayed and his is staying at a hotel in town and just keeps popping up at the house like a weed!

Scott tired of the unannounced visits and suspects Charlie of stalking and terrorizing the new home owners.

(Spoilers ahead)

The Intruder is predictable and so cliché’. I am going to give out spoilers in the hope you pass on this film and not waste your time and money. Some of the major issues of the film start with the Russell’s wanting to move from a penthouse apartment with a pool to wine country so their kids have a place to play? After a week of unannounced visits by Charlie, you call Florida and see what the deal is and tell him to leave! The filmmakers make such a big deal about the House being called Foxglove and have Quaid bringing the plants to Meagan, but no one is ever poisoned? When they discover Pecks real motives and plan to keep Annie and the house, call the cops and leave the house not play hide n seek with a psycho!


Flickanalysis grade: 1/5 stars

The Intruder has 2 scenes that made the audience jump but the rest of the film was just garbage.