The Invisible Man- The FlickFanatics (Karl S.)

The Invisible Man 


Elizabeth Moss- Cecilia Kane

Oliver Jackson-Cohen- Adrian Kane

Aldis Hodge- James Lanier

Elizabeth Moss stars in an updated version of the classic Universal Horror film “The Invisible Man”.

The classic Universal creature film “The Invisible Man” circa 1933 starring Claude Rains as a scientist wrapped in bandages and sunglasses that goes on an insane murder spree. The 2020 version of the classic film stars Elizabeth Moss (The Handmaid’s Tale) as an architect trying to escape an abusive relationship with a scientist that specializes in optics.

Cecilia Kane (Moss) puts in motion an elaborate plan drugging her husband and slipping out of the house to escape the abusive relationship he has created. Adrian Kane (Jackson-Cohen) is a scientist specializing in the world of optics and has an elaborate lab downstairs that Cecilia must go into to shut down the house security system and escape. Cecilia makes her way through the woods and to the place where she is to meet her sister Emily (Harriet Dyer) and manages to get away just as Adrian gets to the vehicle smashing out a window.

Cecilia moves into James Lanier’s house, a friend and police officer that takes in the panicked woman to stay with him and his daughter Sydney (Storm Reid). Emily comes by sending Cecilia into a panic thinking she could be followed, but Emily explains after the events of the previous night Adrian killed himself, she was free.

Cecilia begins to rebuild her life; she schedules an interview in an architectural firm and leaves the house on a regular basis. Strange things begin to happen around the Lanier house with a fire on the stove, doors opening on their own and the blanket pulled from the bed as Cecilia slept in it. Cecilia is certain that Adrian is still alive but everyone thinks she is crazy. She decides to call Adrian’s phone and hears it ringing in the attic of James’s house. She climbs up there and sees some old cans of paint and in the corner her missing drawings and her ex-husbands cell phone! She returns to the stairs but dumps a can of paint and reveals an invisible figure, Adrian has found a way to become invisible and terrorize her!

Cecilia makes her way out and runs back to Adrian’s house and discovers the extra invisibility suit he had there. She takes it and hides it where she had her go bag the night she escaped. On her way back to town she set up a meeting with her sister Emily at a restaurant so she could tell her about the suit and prove Adrian was alive. Just before she could explain a steak knife rose up and slit Emily’s throat leaving Cecilia the only person near her and the only suspect.

She cries about an invisible man that gets her a one way trip to the sanitarium. Confined to a cell how was she going to prove she is sane and her crazy ex-husband is running around invisible killing people.

The Invisible man was a classic in 1933 but in 2020 it is a great suspense film with a few twists but truly great special effects. Elizabeth Moss who made a name for herself in the critically acclaimed series The Handmaids Tale, manages to carry this film supported by a crew of virtually unknown actors. The Invisible Man 2020 is a very good film and should be experienced on the big screen.


Rated R for Strong Bloody violence and Language.

Flickanalysis Grade: 4 Stars