THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE- Karl Sides (The Flick


Bat man gets is own Lego film in the new film Lego Batman : The Movie!

Bat Man (Will Arnett) is back in Gotham City just as Commissioner Gordon (Hector Elizondo) is retiring. Another Gordon, Barbara (Rosario Dawson), is the new commissioner of the GCPD. Babs wants to team up the police and Bat man.

Bat Man works alone.

That is until every super villain is broken out of Arkham Asylum by the Joker ( Zack Galifanakis) and all gunning for Bat man. The Riddler (Conan O’Brien), Bane (Doug Benson), Harley Quinn (Jenny Slate) and many more are all beaten by the bat. Joker is frustrated and seeks a new crew of super-villains. Joker sees a news story on Superman (Channing Tatum) sending Zod to the phantom zone, a galactic prison for super villians, and decides to break all the bad guys out.

Bat man assembles a new team of Alfred (Ralph Fiennes) as the 1966 version of the Bat, Barbara Gordon as Bat Girl and his new ward Dick Grayson (Michael Cera) as Robin! Together with Gothams villians that are sore at the joker for jilting them for the space bad guys.
Let the battle begin!

Lego Batman: the Movie is a fun film for the kids, but unlike its predecessor “The Lego Movie”, its not as funny or witty as the first. Also the new Batman lego is a bit too long and has lull moments that has the kiddies squirming. At the end Lego Batman is too preachy about family and togetherness than it is about jokes and witty humor.

I’m Karl the Flick fanatic, its killing me to say this ….but, I would wait for DVD/Streaming for the Lego Batman Movie. If your kids revolt maybe catch a matinee with them.

Rating Rating; 3/6


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