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THE MUMMY review

Welcome to a New World of Gods and Monsters

This summer’s “The Mummy” is here to kickoff Universal’s new “Dark Universe”!  The film opens as it explores the life of the King’s daughter, Princess Ahmanet.  After the birth of a younger brother that removed her from ever becoming Queen, she murders her entire family to bring-about the human form of Apep, the Egyptian God of Evil, only to be caught before completing her ritual and, as punishment, being mummified alive outside of Egypt.  Present day in Iraq, a pair of soldiers (Nick and Chris) embark on a journey to recover and sell precious antiquities.  After their plans are foiled after unknowingly discovering ancient grounds, the two soldiers are ordered to assist an archaeologist to inspect the site.  To speed up the process after being given order to vacate, Nick frees Ahmanet’s sarcophagus from its prison of mercury; unknowingly awakening an ancient evil the likes of which the World have never seen.  After Nick survives a plane crash due to mysterious circumstances, he begins experiencing strange visions; and it becomes clear that Ahmanet has chosen him for a purpose.

Tom Cruise stars as Nick Morton, a soldier who spends his time selling precious antiquities on the Black Market.  Annabelle Wallis plays an archaeologist who Nick befriends, Jenny Halsey.  Sofia Boutella plays Princess Ahmanet, better known as The Mummy.  Russell Crowe stars as Dr. Henry Jekyll/Edward Hyde, the founder of Prodigium.  Jake Johnson provides the comedic relief as Chris Vail.  Courtney B. Vance plays Colonel Greenway, Nick and Chris’ superior.

“The Mummy” attempts to open-up the new “Dark Universe” and, while it does have its fair share of problems, it is an extremely entertaining journey that gets-you excited for the future of the “Dark Universe”!  In-fairness, I must divulge that I love films that explore ancient Egyptian mythology so I had faith that “The Mummy” was not going to let me down.  That being said, I knew what I was going into.  I thought the film didn’t an excellent job laying the groundwork for the future of the franchise.  Cruise does well to disappear into the leading role, sharing somewhat of an awkward relationship with Wallis’ Jenny.  Boutella, Princess Ahmanet, is in-danger of being typecast at this point, but that doesn’t stop her from embodying the evil, maniacal temptress with ease.  One thing that caught me by surprise was how much humor is thrown-in throughout, mostly due to Johnson’s character.  The film’s story cover multiple locations and time periods, ranging from ancient Egyptian to the Crusades to present time, but I though the plot was well-constructed and it kept the film very entertaining.  And yes, their is a “golden” reference to the previous “Mummy” franchise!  Its biggest strengths involve the inclusion Prodigium, the agency tasked with recognizing, containing, examining, and destroying evil.  It’s here where Russell steals the show as the Nick Fury-esque Dr. Henry Jekyll; even more so when we see him has the formidable Edward Hyde.  I truly am excited to see where it goes next!  “The Mummy” though does struggle due to the inclusion of so many Egyptian-focused film clichés.  The dialog is often clunky and the character’s actions are somewhat laughable at times.  The film’s love story is also somewhat bland, reminding you that the focus is on the problem at hand.  “The Mummy” has a runt ime of 110 minutes, which keeps a brisk pace as we explore the ancient legend of Ahmanet.  What I saw in “The Mummy” was a film that just isn’t made anymore these days.  Equal parts fun and story-driven, with a whole lot of humor and action mixed in.  “The Mummy”, while certainly not perfect, never tries to be anything more than an entertaining thrill ride and, on that account, it thoroughly delivers!

“The Mummy” kick starts the new “Dark Universe” as an ancient evil awakens to wreak havoc on the World.  The film features plenty of entertaining set pieces, a fun cast of characters, and an interesting and interconnected story.  If you are looking for adventure this weekend, then “The Mummy” is for you!!  


THE MUMMY is rated PG-13 for violence, action and scary images, and for some suggestive content and partial nudity, in theaters JUNE 9TH!


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