The Nun- Karl Sides (The Flick Fanatics)

The Nun


Demian Bichir- Father Burke

Taissa Farmiga- Sister Irene

Jonas Bloquet- Frenchy

Bommie Aarons- The Nun

The Conjuring’s Nun comes to the Big Screen to give audiences their “Final” vows!!!

The Nun is the latest episode in the Conjuring series of films that chronicle the paranormal events researched by Ed and Lorraine Warren. In the Conjuring 2 the portrait of “The Nun” was seen and Lorraine had a vision of the demonic relic. This new film, “The Nun” by director Corin Hardy and writer James Wan explains the history of the sister and how this creature in a habit came to be.

A convent in Romania where two nuns uncover a spirit and act to avoid unleashing a terrible evil on the world. One of the sisters hung herself to avoid becoming possessed by the evil spirit. The hanging body of the nun outside the convent was discovered by a local delivery man who brings groceries to the sisters. Frenchy (Bloquet)cuts down the nun and puts her in the ice house and returns to the village to report it.


The Vatican dispatches Father Burke (Bichir), a well-respected member of the clergy and experienced exorcist, along with a young nun who was about to take her final vows. The two arrive in Romania and are taken to the convent by Frenchy and shown the corpse. Frenchy explains to them that the body has moved? Father Burke searches the records of the convent and is question by the mysterious Mother Superior who tell Burke and sister Irene (Farmiga) they can talk to the remaining sisters in the morning and can stay in the convent.

Strange things start to appear, and Father Burke chases a nun into the cemetery only to be pushed into an open grave and buried alive. Sister Irene has a vision and sees the Father and is able to recue him in the nick of time. The following days have nuns appear only to turn out to be ghosts of the past and the true evil is manifesting in the form of a nun (Aarons).


The Nun is a very dark and scary film that continues the Conjuring tale and will have you on the edge of your seat. The final moments of the film tie this picture to the Warrens and the prior films. Bichir is great as the priest who is charged with exorcising the demon and Farmiga (younger sister of Vera who has a cameo of Lorraine Warren) gives a solid performance.


This is Karl, praying that you have your rosary and cross in hand as you enter the theater to see the new film in the Conjuring series….THE NUN!


Rated R (Terror, Violence and bloody images)

Rated 5/6 prayer cards

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