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The Secret Life of Pets posterWhat Do Your Pets Do When You’re Not Home?

Ever wonder what your pets do while you’re gone?  Do you think they just wait by the door or sleep all day?  Well guess again!  “The Secret Life of Pets” follows a Terrier, named Max, and his owner, but with a twist; the story is told from Max’s point-of-view.  Max and Katie are so happy together, when all of a sudden one day Katie brings-home another dog, named Duke, and life as Max knows-it is about to change.  Max’s once territory is now being shared with Duke, a bigger dog who’s determined not to go back to the pound.  As the two fight, Duke finally has had enough of Max and he trots him down the street.  However, they’re cornered by a gang of cats and eventually captured by Animal Control and then a gang of underground pets, hell-bent on destroying the human race.  The rest of the film follows Max and Duke as they attempt to flee, as well as their friends who are willing to do whatever is necessary to bring them back home.

Louis C.K. voices the main character, Max.  Eric Stonestreet voices Max’s new brother, Duke.  Kevin Hart voices, and steals the show as, a bunny named Snowball.  Jenny Slate voices a dog infatuated with Max, named Gidget.  Ellie Kemper voices Max and Duke’s loving owner, Katie.  Albert Brooks voices an old and loyal hawk named Tiberius.  Lake Bell voices a lazy cat named Chloe.  Hannibal Buress and Bobby Moynihan voice two of Max’s friends, Buddy and Mel.  Dana Carvey voices a wise and helpful old dog named Pops.  The director Chris Renaud voices a lost gerbil named Norman.  Steve Coogan also voices a character named Ozone/Reginald.

With such a clever and interesting idea, “The Secret Life of Pets” uses adorable animated-animals and an over-the-top story to entertain the audience and take them through a wide variety of emotions!  One of the things that makes the film work so well is the animation.  The animals are absolutely adorable and the animation, as we continue to see, is incredibly life-like and authentic down to the very last detail on each pet.  Each animal also works due the voice-actor behind it; Louis C.K. and Eric Stonestreet do very well, but Kevin Hart absolutely kills it as Snowball!  Every line is said with so much strength and is filled with so much humor, you find yourself begging for him to come back on-screen!  “The Secret Life of Pets” starts-off as a very fluid, real story, but it quickly takes a turn for the crazy; however it works well as an entertainment factor for both kids and adults.  Throughout the film, you’ll see a pet house party, pets that watch TV, and pets that hate humans due to being “thrown away”.  As I said before, “The Secret Life of Pets” is filled with plenty of laughs, adorable animals, and a wide array of emotions.  The film has a run time of 90 minutes and completely entertains and endears-itself to the audience.  All pet owners will find moments to connect-to throughout but whether you have one or not, “The Secret Life of Pets” is fun for the whole family!

“The Secret Life of Pets” follows a group of pets and their antics while their owners aren’t home.  The film has impressive animation and plenty of adorable characters that you’ll connect-with and love.  If you’re taking the family to the movies of this weekend, go see “The Secret Life of Pets”!!

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THE SECRET LIFE OF PETS is rated PG for action and some rude humor, in theaters JULY 8th!


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