The Snowman- Karl Sides (The Flick Fanatic)



Michael Fassbender- Det. Harry Hole

J.K. Simmons- Arve Stop

Rebecca Ferguson- Katrine Bratt

Jonas Karlsson- Mathias

Val Kilmer-Rafto

Fassbender tracks through the snow searching for a killer with a “Frosty” fetish in the new thriller, “The Snowman”

Det. Harry Hole spends his time on drunken binges since Oslo Norway has such a low murder rate until he returned to a mystery note from someone saying he would leave clues to save “Her”, signed with a picture of a snowman. Hole and newcomer Katrine Bratt, a special agent that is tracking the snowman with a theory he is targeting single mothers from failed marriages, respond to a missing person for a woman who went missing with her young daughter sleeping in the house. Mysteriously there was a snowman in the front yard facing the house.

Another woman, Sylvia Ottersen (Chloe Sevigny) was reported missing. Hole and Bratt arrive at the Ottersen house to find Sylvia there. Hours later they are called back and meet her twin sister Ane and find Sylvia’s head on the top of a snowman!

Hole is told to keep this quiet as Oslo Norway is competing to host the next Olympics and business man Arve Stop is leading the effort. Stop has a sleazy side as he has a doctor friend rounding up girls for him. Bratt thinks Stop may be the Snowman, so she meets Stop and plans to hook up with him in his hotel room and arrest him. It goes south when the Snowman shows up and takes Officer Bratt.

Hole finds his partner dead in a car outside his apartment missing a finger and handcuffed to the steering wheel.

The Snowman has a flurry of cast members but fails to give any back story on any of them except the killer who came from a broken home and saw his mother commit suicide. The other issue with the Snowman is the first ½ of the film is sloooooooooow and just has missing people and a buck of snow men until the killer starts decapitating people on screen. The Snowman is a thriller, not a slasher flick. One last knock on this chiller, Val Kilmer makes a cameo as a police detective that ends up as a Snowman victim, but he looks awful and sounds terrible. There are positives in the film…. Michael Fassbender! Fassbender is amazing as the broken detective. J.K. Simmons is underutilized in the film, but is great when he is on screen.

Bottom Line- The Snowman is a good thriller and worthy of a bargain matinee.

Rating: 3/6 snowmen




Rated R (Violence, nudity, Language)

Running Time: 120 mins

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