The Upside- Karl Sides (The Flick Fanatics)



Kevin Hart- Dell

Nicole Kidman- Yvonne

Bryan Cranston- Phillip

It’s all UPSIDE for Kevin Hart and Bryan Cranston in their new movie!

Director Neil Burger has assembled an A-list of actors to put an American spin on the fabulous 2011 French Comedy “The Intouchables” with Kevin Hart and Bryan Cranston in the lead roles of “The Upside”. The Upside is based on a true story of two men from different walks of life that have a life long effect on each other that manifests into an unbreakable friendship.

Dell, an armed robber and deadbeat dad out on parole needing to find a job or end up back in prison. The only issue is Dell has no idea what he wants to do, so he purposely blows his job interviews just to obtain a signature for his parole officer. Dell stumbles into a job interview for a caretaker for a rich businessman that was injured and left a quadriplegic and stuck in a wheel chair.

Dell explains he just needs a signature from Yvonne, the over protective executive assistant who is interviewing caretakers for her boss Phillip. Phillip is a millionaire who made his fortune by taking failing companies and making them profitable. Phillip’s life literally came crashing down when his wife died from cancer and he has a paragliding accident that left him only able to move his neck. Dell had no qualifications as a caretaker but was street smart and he appealed to Phillip who has lost his passion for living. Dell is hired.

Dell shows up at the broken-down apartment where he gets the cold shoulder from Anthony (Jahi Di’Allo Winston), his teenage son and his girlfriend Latrice (ja Naomi King). Latrice tells dell to get out of the apartment and their lives. Dell explains he has a job and is going to take care of them.

Dell returns the next day to Phillip’s penthouse to start learning how to be a caretaker on the job. Yvonne shows Dell to his room and explains the job is 24/7 and hands him a monitor. Yvonne then tells Dell he has three “strikes” then he is out! Dell adjusts to most of the duties taking car of Phillip except changing his catheter, he struggles with sticking a tube up another man’s penis…. hell, he can’t even say the word “Penis”.


Phillip and Dell begin to bond with Dell putting life back in Phillips broken body and Phillip pulling compassion and passion out of Dell in turn. Del returned to the drug infested apartment complex and handed Latrice his check and told Anthony he would pick him up at school the next day.

I normally warn movie-goers against going to a remake of an awesome movie, so I was pleasantly surprised when The Upside actually surpassed my expectations and was BETTER that the original film “The Intouchables” from 2011. Cranston and Kidman are great in their roles, but this is the very best role Kevin Hart has ever played! He was amazing in this film and if you are a fan you must see this film!

Flickanalysis : 5/5 paragliders!

Images from the Film!

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