THE WAR WITH GRANDPA by The Flick Fanatics (Karl S)

The War with Grandpa Review


Robert DeNiro – Ed (Grandpa)

Oakes Fegley- Peter

Christopher Walken – Jerry

If a relative moves in to your room, it means WAR!

Robert DeNiro stars in the new family comedy “The War with Grandpa”, as a senior made to move in with his family sending his grandson out of his room and up to the attic. The War with Grandpa also stars Uma Thurman as Sally, Ed’s daughter married to Arthur (Rob Riggle) and their two kids Mia (Laura Marano) and Peter (Fegley).

Ed (DeNiro), a retired homebuilder and widower, is struggling to adapt to the modern ways of life after he lost his wife. He is arrested after shoplifting at the local store when he wasn’t able to use the self-checkout, having his daughter bail him out and demand he move in with her family. Ed agrees and pleases almost the entire family…Arthur who still feels that Ed dislikes him and most of all Peter who is booted up to the attic to make room for Grandpa. Peters first few nights in the attic have him chased by a bat and run into a rafter, the roof leaking on to his pillow as he tried to sleep. After talking to his friends at school, Peter decides to declare war on Grandpa and the winner gets the room.


Ed wakes to find a letter in his room with a declaration of war from his grandson. Thinking it was a joke he just ignored it. After using foam sealant for shaving cream Ed realized Peter was for real. Ed sits Peter down and clarifies the rules of engagement, NO ONE is to be told about the war and no collateral damage (no pranking anyone else in the family). You know that means the entire family is on the front line!

The tit for tat pranking begins with Peter putting a snake in Ed’s bed and hot sauce in his coffee, both of which end up with Sally who throws the coffee and snake on the same police officer while stopped at a traffic light. Ed takes all the screws out of Pete’s furniture leaving the boy sleeping on the floor and in an epic blow destroys a virtual caster his grandson had been constructing on his video game the past 3 years. Ed brings his friends in on the war when he spends the day with Jerry (Walken) and new friend Danny (Cheech Martin).


Pete and Ed decide to end the war for good with one final battle of dodgeball at the Sky Zone, the old fogies vs, the youngsters. Bad idea. The kids waste the old timers in the first game with speed. But Ed and his crew use strategy taking the second game the final coming down to Pete vs. Ed ending in a tie! So, the war resumes!

The War with Grandpa is a cute film loaded with stars and a ton of physical comedy also has a few laugh out loud moments when the pranks are happening. The film is also very predictable with the events unfolding to a warm fuzzy ending. I will say it is nice to see Christopher Walken and Jane Seymore (Ed’s new girlfriend Diane that he met at the electronics store) in a big screen film again. Rob Riggle, whose comedy is an acquired taste is ok in the film as some of the War’s collateral damage.

I’m Karl the Flick Fanatic and if your having cabin fever and are comfortable with going to the local theater, then take the family out for a much-needed laugh and see “The War with Grandpa” at a matinee.

Flickanalysis: 3 stars