TOY STORY 4 REVIEW- Karl Sides (The FlickFanatic.com)



Tom Hanks- Woody

Tim Allen- Buzz

Annie Potts- Bo Peep

Keanu Reeves- Duke Caboom

Woody, Buzz and the gang head out for a road trip in Toy Story 4!

Toy Story 4 opens after the events of Toy Story 2 and Bonnie is growing up and decides she doesn’t need her Little Bo Peep lamp so her Mom sells it to an antique dealer. Woody says a tearful goodbye as he felt the need to stay with Andy.  9 years has passed and Andy is in college and Bonnie is about to start elementary school.

Woody faces the hard truth that he isn’t the favorite toy any longer when Bonnie leaves him in the closet at play time. Woody sneaks out and hides in Bonnies backpack when she leaves for school. Bonnie is shy and doesn’t fit in at school. Woody helps her covertly and watches Bonnie make a new friend.


Back in Bonnie’s room Woody tells the gang about school and they are all happy she made a new friend, then Woody explains Bonnie “MADE” a new friend and introduced Forky (Tony Hale). Bonnie crafted Forky from a spork and he’s her new favorite toy. Forky is confused thinking he is trash and must find the wastebasket.

Bonnies Mom and Dad tell her to get her toys because they are taking the RV on a road trip! Buzz, Woody, Jessie and the gang join Forky and Bonnie on the trip. Forky makes an escape out an open window. Woody tells Buzz that he has to get Forky back and will meet back up with the gang at the RV park.


Woody bring Forky back explaining how he is a toy and is Bonnies favorite and after a few miles he finally gets it. Woody catches a familiar site as they pass an antique store…. Bo Peeps lamp! Woody and Forky go into check it out only to be captured by Gabby Gabby a doll with a mission to get a new voice box so she can get a kid of her own. Woody has that voice box but manages to escape. Forky is not so lucky. Woody makes his way to a park where he is surprised to find a long-lost friend, Bo Peep!

Bo Peep is the leader of a gang of lost toys traveling with the carnival Woody explain what has been happening and asks her to help free Forky from Gabby Gabby. Bo Peep agrees and introduces Woody to her secret weapon, Duke Caboom a Canadian daredevil with confidence issues (Keanu Reeves). Duke and Woody must make a big motorcycle jump to save Forky.


Toy Story 4 is excellent and the best part of the story since the original film! John Lasseter is masterful how he incorporated new characters like Duke, Stuffed animals Ducky and Bunny (Keegan Michael Key and Jordan Peele) that are prizes at the carnival and the doll with an agenda Gabby Gabby into the story. But other than Forky’s slapstick style of running and trying to “throw himself away”, Keanu’s Duke Caboom steals the show!

Toy Story 4 is AWESOME and should be seen in the theater by the ENTIRE family. Woody, Buzz and the gang reach a turning point that will change the group forever!

Flickanalysis Grade 5/5 stars

Rated G