US- Karl Sides (The Flick Fanatics)



Lupita Nyong’o- Adelaide Wilson

Winston Duke- Gabe Wilson

Shahadi Wright Joseph- Zora Wilson

Evan Alex- Jason Wilson

Jordan Peele follows up his 2017 smash hit “Get Out” with a horror tale of demented doppelgangers called “US”.

Adelaide Wilson celebrated her 7th birthday at the boardwalk in Santa Cruz California with her mom and dad. While her dad was busy at whack-a-mole and mom was in the restroom, little Adelaide wandered off and ended up on the beach in front of Merlin’s Forest a house of mirrors. Adelaide went in and half way through the power went out and she was stopped staring at her reflection…..until it moved!

She emerged from the attraction and refused to speak. Her parent’s marriage fell apart from blame. Adelaide took up dance and eventually began to speak again. Adelaide is still haunted by that day into adulthood.

Adelaide, now a married woman and mother of two, finds herself going back to Santa Cruz for the summer with her husband Gabe and her kids Zora and Jason. Gabe is busy trying to keep up with the rich neighbors by buying a dilapidated boat and planned to take the family fishing. Zora, the typical teen that is tied to her cell phone and is constantly annoyed by her brother Jason. Jason is a loaner, not outgoing and constantly hides behind a mask. The perfect family until Adelaide freaks out when they are invited to the beach where the fun house of mirrors till stands!


Jason repeats the actions of mother seeing the mysterious attraction but is grabbed by his mother and steered away for the house. Later that night at the house Jordan tells his parents that there is a family standing in the driveway. Gabe takes a bat out and tells them to get of his property, they responded by pulling out golden scissors and charging at him. The strangers made their way in the house confronting Gabe, Adelaide and the kids revealing their identities……they are doppelgangers of the Wilson family!

Red, Adelaide’s copy, seems to be the leader and the only one that speaks. Red explains that they are the “tethered” ones, created and grown undergrown only surfacing now to replace the surface dwelling copy. The Wilsons manage a desperate escape with Zora running for help being chased by her clone, Jason locked his in a closet and Gabe dragged his behind his boat with his clone eventually getting chewed up by the boat motor.


The Wilsons make it out and over to the Tyler’s down the street only to discover that there are more tethered copies there and they have killed the real Tyler family!

Santa Clara is a strange place, first there were vampires (Lost Boys) and now with “US” the town is overrun by murdering doppelgangers! Peele followed his previous success with a sophomore slump having US missing many plot points. Just a few problems I have with US are: How are the tethered people created and who was responsible? Isn’t there anywhere in Santa Clara that sells guns? Why did they pick this time to come out of hiding, is Adelaide’s copy the supreme leader? What does all this have to do with 1986’s “hands across America”? (The tethered are wearing “Hands” shirts and are seen throughout the film in the outstretched pose).

Bottom line is that Us suffers from Jordan Peele’s indecision and trying to have too many twists in the plot that ends up just confusing the audience.

Flickanalysis rating: 2/5

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