Venom- Karl Sides (The Flick Fanatics)



Tom Hardy- Eddie Brock/ Venom

Michelle Williams- Anne Weying

Riz Ahmed- Carlton Drake/Riot


Tom Hardy lets loose his inner demon in the New film “Venom”


Eddie Brock, after failing to make it as a photographer in NYC, lives with his girlfriend Anne in San Francisco and makes his living as a TV “gonzo” journalist that excels in getting the truth and uncovering all the dirt in the world. Anne is a corporate lawyer and represents millionaire philanthropist Carlton Drake.

Drake is head of Life-force, a company that researches cures for disease and improving the human condition. Drake is now exploring space to find cures for cancer and ways to extend human existence, possibly on another planet. Life-force’s rocket is returning from a mission carrying a payload of 10 samples found on a comet. As the ship enters Earth’s atmosphere the ship begins to come apart. The ship crashes in Malaysia, as Drake and the Life-force scientists watch. Four of the 10 samples survive the fiery impact and one lone astronaut survives the crash. The astronaut was infected by one of the specimens and when a paramedic comes in contact the sample transfers to her.

Lifeforce recover the rest of the space samples that Drake explains they are symbiotes and he is going to join them with humans to make it possible for people to live longer and possibly on other planets. Dr. Dora Skirth (Jenny Slate), Drake’s chief scientist successfully joins the symbiotes with a rabbit when Drake orders human testing to begin.

Brock lands an interview with Drake and the Network wants a puff piece, but Eddie wants to expose him for the criminal he really is and finds a confidential email on Anne’s laptop that gives him the line of questioning he wants. Brock sets Drake up with some questions on Lifeforce’s space program but quickly turns to accusations about testing drugs on the homeless and killing them. Brock is thrown out and fired from the TV station. Anne is also fired from her firm and labeled and accomplice.

As the Symbiote testing proceeds, the Dr Skirth can’t stand by as Drake kills innocent people and reaches out to Brock and sneaks him into the lab to gather the evidence he needs. Brock gets pictures of the homeless test subjects and is joined with a symbiote himself.  Brocks Symbiote, Venom. Aids him in escaping the facility and the armed guards. Eddie is oblivious to what happened and just thinks he is sick until he begins to hear a voice and actually has a conversation with the symbiote.

Drake orders his paramilitary security to find his symbiote then proceeds to infect Dr Skirth killing her and this time the Symbiote. Eddie and Venom lead a chase through San Francisco on motorcycle being chase by armored vehicles and exploding drones! Finally, Drake joins himself with the last surviving symbiote called Riot who tells Drake he needs the Lifeforce rocket to go back to his planet and bring all the symbiotes to Earth to take over. This sets up for a symbiote slobberknocker between Venom and Riot.

Flickanalysis: Venom is a fun and entertaining film that is loosely based on the Marvel comic book and is far less intense than previous Marvel films. Hardy is great in the role as Brock and the best scenes in the film are the banter between Eddie and Venom! The CGI folks did a fantastic job on Venom, he is menacing and impressive. This weekend let your inner demon loose and go see Venom!

Rated PG-13 (Language and sci-Fi action)

My Rating: 4/5 Symbiotes

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