WONDER PARK- Karl Sides (The Flick Fanatics)


Starring the Vocal Talents of:

Briana Denski- June

Jennifer Garner- Mom

Mila Kunis- Greta

Wonder Park is a beautifully animated amusement park that is only a “wonder” for a select few.

June is a happy young girl that with her Mom and her imagination created the most incredible imaginary amusement park called “Wonder Park”. Together they invent new rides usually with origami paper or knick-knacks around the house then whisper the ideas in the ear of Peanut, June’s stuffed monkey and then in Wonder Park Peanut waves his golden pen and the new ride comes to life.

Wonder park has a group of ambassadors that include Boomer the bear (Ken Hudson Campbell), Greta the warthog (Mila Kunis), Steve the porcupine (John Oliver) and the beavers Cooper and Gus (Ken Jong & Kenan Thompson) that great the visitors and assure them of a “splendifforous” time. After a night of “creation” in Wonder Park, Mom tucks June into bed and tells her she is the heart of the park and someday she can make it come true.

June takes it literally and gets her best friend Banky (Oev Michael Urbas) and the kids in the neighborhood to ransack the town for supplies to build a rollercoaster fitting for “Wonder Park”. June and Banky take the plunge and the track collapses send the kids through the neighborhood destroying property at a reckless abandon. June is told that she needs to scale it down and with help of her mom and dad (Matthew Broderick) she creates a scale model of Wonder Park all through the house.

A dark cloud descends on Wonder Park that corresponds to the news that June’s mom must leave for treatment of a severe illness. June’s creativity and imagination leaves with her mom and she becomes a more responsible kid that is all about taking care of her dad.  She packs away Wonder Park for good which has the imaginary park in peril. Peanut is missing and Greta, Boomer and the gang are at war against an army of Chimpan-zombies “hell-bent” on destroying the park.

WilL June’s mom recover and return her daughter to the inquisitive child with the imagination that can save Wonder Park? You will have to take the kids to the theater to find out.

Wonder Park is a beautifully animated film with a great cast of voice actors led by Mila Kunis and Jennifer Garner, but the story comes up short. With most of the great animated films there is something in the story for the entire family, but “Wonder Park” the story will only appeal to a finite audience (probably between 7-9 yrs. old). Wonder Park tried to deliver a message of imagination and invention but hits the preverbal “wall” when Junes Mom get sick and the downer moment lasts almost half the film.


If you have small kiddos that love talking animated animals then a Saturday matinee of “Wonder Park” with them might be the ride you want to take in this imaginary fun land.

Flickanalysis Rating: 2/5

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