WONDER WOMAN 1984 – The Flick fanatics (Karl S.)



Gal Gadot- Diana Prince/ Wonder Woman

Pedro Pascal- Max Lord

Kristen Wiig- Barbara Minerva/ Cheetah

Chris Pine- Steve Trevor

Even Wonder Woman needs to be careful what she wishes for!

Director Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot return with DC Comics prominent female superhero Wonder Woman fighting evil in the decade of greed and decadence, the 80’s. Wonder Woman 1984 takes place 65 years after we saw Steve Trevor sacrifice himself to win WWI and has Diana Prince still missing her one true love.

Its 1984 and the mysterious woman that fought by the side of the Allies taking down the Germans is now still a mystery fighting crime in Washington DC while her dual identity works at the Smithsonian. WW84 opens with a flashback of a young Diana participating in an Olympic type event with her Amazon sisters for a prestigious golden set of armor. Young Diana makes a mistake and ends up losing to Asteria. Then we flash forward to a Washington Dc mall and a group of thugs robbing a jewelry store, only they want the historical artifacts they are selling on the black market and not the diamonds.  Wonder Woman (Gadot) shows up, throwing her headband taking out the surveillance cameras, then proceeds to wrap up the four crooks and saves a little girl that was being dangled from the top level of the mall.

The artifacts are brought to the Smithsonian for verification by Diana Prince’s forensic archeologist team headed by nerdy girl Barbara Minerva (Kristen Wiig). Barbara finds one piece, a Mayan wishing stone that grants wishes to the person holding the stone. A moving guy touches it a sarcastically wishes for coffee, then a Smithsonian intern arrives with an extra cup of coffee and hands it to the mover, He takes a drink burning his mouth, this doesn’t go unnoticed by Diana. Later that evening, following a dinner with Diana, she is accosted by a vagrant near the monuments as she was heading back to the institute. Diana shows up out of nowhere throwing the drunk through a trash bin and saving her co-worker. The next day both women make a wish on the stone, Diana wishes for Steve Trevor to return to her and Barbara wishes she was like Diana.

Maxwell Lord (Pascal), a con man trying to get rich on an oil based Ponzi scheme, but is seeing his company evaporate just like the oil wells he purchased. Lord who hired the thugs to steal the artifacts and in particular the wishing stone as the final way he can turn around his business. Lord arrives at the Smithsonian, posing as a big donor, and is introduced to Barbara who shows Max the stone explaining how it works. Max leaves with the stone as Barbara’s make over begins. Minerva’s self-image improves and while at the gym she notices her Amazonian strength. Barbara even encounters the same drunk man that previously accosted her, only this time she beats him senseless. Minerva gets drunk on her new found powers.

Diana gets her wish while attending a benefit at work when she meets a man whom she doesn’t recognize but is quoting line from Steve Trevor decades ago and slowly his appearance changes to Diana to her true love Steve. Not caring about how it happened, Diana just happy having her boyfriend again, now must return the favor she was given in the first film by introducing Steve to the 80’s and his American issue “fanny” pack. Following a Miami Vice to Michael Jackson 80’s fashion show, Steve and Diana settle on an appropriate outfit and the two take off to get the wishing stone back from Maxwell Lord.

Lord who wishes for his partners shares in his company and for them to disappear, just as his major stockholder is arrested for fraud. Lord’s next wish tops them all, he wishes to be the wishing stone! Then the stone disintegrates and now anyone Max touches will get their wish and the effects slowly take their toll on Max. Diana and Steve chase after Lord and follow him to Egypt where Max is after the world oil reserves. This is where Diana discovers her cost of the wish to bring Steve back as she is no longer bulletproof and her powers are gone.

WW84 sets up a monumental task for a powerless heroine to takes down a maniacal man wanting to own the world and a new apex predator super villainess, The Cheetah, that was once her co-worker Barbara. Diana must balance this with her desire to rekindle her relationship with Trevor.

WW84 is a very good film but doesn’t quite measure up to the original.The only critiques, and they are minor,I can raise are that too much time is spent on Maxwell Lord and the fight between Wonder Woman and Cheetah takes a back seat. The other minor issue is the back story for the new characters is breezed through and not explained well.

These issues pale to the events of WW84 that bring Diana and Steve back together and having that chemistry back along with her invisible jet! The scene where Diana and Steve fly over Washington DC during the fireworks of 4th of July as they head to Egypt is breathtaking. It is also great to see a live action Cheetah, tail and all, battling Wonder Woman. Finally, the Jaw-drop moment happens in the credits so stick around!

I am Karl the Flick Fanatic grading Wonder Woman 1984-  4 ½ /5 stars on the Flickanalysis.

Go see this one on the big screen or stream it at home on HBO Max over and over again.

Rated PG-13 (violence)